June 24, 2013

**It's been WAY too long! Part Three**

January was another quiet month and was pretty cold as you know if you are from the UK... we had lots of this fluffy stuff, which of course the small people always love! This is Fred, our snowman we built.

Miss W (Miss H's little sister) had her Christening in February, Adam joined in with the hymns and decided to hold an order of service like mummy and daddy.. only he didn't. He held a bible and pretended he was singing from that. Bless him!

..the boys!

Miss W looking scrummy!

February was also a busy nail art month for me.. In particular I loved these babies I did for a client:

Onto March, and I became a knitting maniac! Some of my projects were:

and of course.. we had more snow!

We even had snow at Easter! A first for us! Steve and I took a week off in the Easter school holidays and decided to take the small people to Steve's mum and dad's caravan in Norfolk for Easter... It was very very cold. Colder than what we thought it would be! We ended up egg rolling {more on that here} on the caravan deck which was actually quite sweet! The pictures for that are on my other camera but these are quite sweet:

Emily is turning into quite the little artist and drew this little picture of me! I think I'm a magician here??!!
This next picture proves how random our weather {and our daughter} is...

Just look at that sunshine! Steve was just starting to build the deck for the summerhouse here.. this cheeky little boy helped a lot.
Onto May and Emily turned 3!

Emily requested a fairy princess castle cake! {I HAD to ask didn't I?} so that's what I made! It's the hardest one I've made so far but I enjoyed doing it.

Now that Emily is 3 she has started Nursery...
The small people have to wear uniform at their nursery, which I love as it doesn't ruin their own clothes and they look darn cute!!! Nursery isn't the only thing that Emily has started since turning 3... she also does Ballet now!

She has the cutest little ballet dress and I've been practising putting her hair into a little bun.

Could this be the cutest little bun in the world???
Well that is pretty much us up to date! It's been lovely looking back through the last 14 months. I haven't put anything about June yet as I wanted to save some stories to motivate me to carry on blogging!  Which I'm sure I will!
Bye for now!


Melissa said...

So wonderful to catch up with you Rachel & see all that's been happening in your world. Wow - the kids have really grown. Sounds like everything is going well. Great to "see" you in blogland again!

scrappyjacky said...

Lovely to see you back,Rachel. Can't believe the difference a year makes when it come to kids....they look so grown up now.

Carrie said...

OMG - you blogged!! Lots! I am so jealous! Can't wait to see the papercraft too x