June 22, 2013

**It's been WAY too long! Part One**

I think we need a good catch up don't we? Well, where do I start? The most sensible place is probably February 2012 as that is where I abandoned we left each other!

Ok, so the last time you saw Adam and Emily they looked like this:
They were 3 and 1 in this picture, Adam is 5 in September and now he is so tall! Emily was 3 in May and probably the same height that she was in this pic! More on them later.
March 2012 saw the arrival of this:
Oh it looks so warm! This is now where I work, it looks a lot different today as this was taken the day it arrived. It has been converted in to 3 rooms - one of which is my now very messy craft room! I cant believe its taken me this long to sort myself out! I've gone from working two days a week at college to 4 days a week from here so unfortunately blog hopping/reading/writing went out the window! the routine is stable now though so I hope to blog more frequently! 

 Onto April and work began on the summer house and Miss H turned 2!
...then Emily turned 2!

and is turning into mummy day by day!

....It's been fun looking back through photos from last year, it's amazing how much I had forgotten! I went to a gangster themed hen night, did race for life and we had our town's carnival all in June - which pretty much matches this June with something going on every weekend. Must be something about June!
We had three weddings and a photoshoot in August!
 September saw Adam turning 4 and we also did a trip to Peppa pig world

..and I can't believe he will soon be 5 and starting school! He is very excited about this and we have had many conversations about Lunch, the bit he is the most excited about! He has already put his order in!
That pretty much sums up Feb - Sept, I'm going to try and a do a fairly quick catch up and there is always so much to share!
See you soon!

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