June 27, 2013

**A weekend away**

I know I'm a tease right? I left you with a picture of some potential papercraft and then...nothing! {sorry about that!} I have actually done {or half done} some papercraft but I have plans for that. So all will be revealed! Instead I'm going to talk about this place...

At the beginning of June Mr B and I had our 8th wedding anniversary and celebrated 14 years together. Usually we don't celebrate, we do cards but that's it.

This year we decided to actually do something and went away for the evening to Langshott Manor in Surrey.

It was beautiful, when we arrived we were told the history of our room.. it used to be the Nanny's quarters and the nursery.

It had it's own cute little staircase that led to the bathroom and our room.

 The Bathroom faced the rear gardens and had an enormous bath!

 ...with a lovely shower that I wanted to smuggle home in my bag {do you think anyone would notice a bath/shower in my bag!}

Look how beautiful..

I wanted to stay forever!

We went for a walk in the grounds and found this gorgeous little leafy tunnel, then it started to rain so we nipped inside to be nosey.

We had booked afternoon tea so went and found a snug little spot ready {this was next to ours, how pretty next to the fire?} ... 

I loved everything, the cute little sandwiches and cakes and the scones were simply delicious!

We were quite stuffed after all that and as the sun had popped out to say hello we thought we would finish our walk. 

 Later that evening we went down for dinner

and had a fabulous meal, each course {5 altogether} came with a scrummy glass of wine  

After 5 courses with 5 glasses of wine I was feeling a little rosy, I'm not used to consuming wine so quickly! We decided to go for another walk and then call it a night.

It was such a lovely treat and I think it counts as the last 8 anniversary presents! I wonder what we will do in 8 years time? ;)

Bye for now

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Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Hi Rachel! Thanks for the lovely comments you've left for me recently. :o) I've just had a fun catch up over here on your blog - you have been a very busy girl. LOVED the knitting projects you made, and seeing photos of your adorable little ones is always a treat. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!