June 30, 2013

**Day in the life of - June 2013**

I follow Ali Edwards blog and have wanted to participate in Day in the life but haven't got round to it recently. Ali now does this monthly so on 27th June I decided to play along!
I was off that day and it was a very busy day!
♥ ♥ ♥
7:15am woke up, important morning coffee!

we had breakfast... and then got ready for school.

I got home from the school run at 9am and had another coffee

..then started the housework! I did the kitchen, put on the first load of washing:

then I did the accounts for the month

had another coffee! then did the hoovering

oh by the way this is what the front room looks like now

 this is me vacuuming

Stripped the beds {this is Emily's}

went into Adam's room to tidy and saw these placed on his pillow {look out for more about Ted}

another coffee!

put the 2nd load of washing on then head back upstairs

I had to set a timer so I didn't lose track of time cleaning {school pickup soon}

Time to clean the bathroom

11:30am I left to pick up Adam & Emily from nursery

and took a couple of pics of the town on my walk

the kiddies sat on the bench in the playground for a picture op... but wouldn't look at the camera!

12:15pm LUNCH TIME!

plus I did my third load of washing while they ate.

then it was time to change the kiddies {note what Emily said in the next picture, so cute}

Adam had a funny five minutes!

12:50pm Leave for Emily's ballet class

on the way home from ballet we stopped to do some banking {but had to run through the field first!}

3pm Arrive home!

then I did my 4th load of washing {my goodness!}

then we watered the flowers

and had some craft time

and some garden time.

I painted Emily's nails

Then Emily demonstrated her ballet moves {although she looks like Michael Jackson here}

I did my 5th load of washing {jeez!}
then made the beds, the kids had dinner {cooked by Steve while I was running round the house as he was home by then} 

5.50pm I left for the Gym

8.20pm Arrive home from Gym, get changed and sit down to read blogs

and that is pretty much where I stayed until bed! I blogged when I had finished blog reading and off I went!

Ooh I'm tied just thinking about it, sorry for the photo heavy post if you are still with me. What a day!

Bye for now!


debs14 said...

Amazing how much you can pack into a day 'off'!
Your post reminds me how hectic it is when you have two young children, it's non stop, isn't it?
A great post.

S said...

Wow, that's a full day for sure - I guess all that coffee helps! Great pics, it was fun to have a peek into your day.