December 27, 2013

***A cosy, comfy day with a bit more JYC***

We are having a few chilled days before there is more visiting and more copias amounts of eating and drinking!

At the moment Arthur Christmas is on in the background and I have a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows in my hand! Mmmm... Bliss!

So a quick post to share some more JYC then... Here is number 9 - the back! 

..... And number 10! 

I went off topic with this page and created a 12x12 envelope to hold the children's letters to Santa. 

Day 11!

My love of wrapping presents!!! I seem to be in love with twine!! 

Ok, I'm going back to Arthur Christmas with the children! I think it's the 4th time we have seen it since Christmas Eve! Definitely a favourite!

Bye for now
Rachel x

December 26, 2013

**Merry Christmas! Also JYC Days 5,6,7,8 & 9!**

Hi all! Hope you are having a fab Christmas? Woah well what a work wing? A fab day, but busy! I'm now chilling with a glass of baileys reviewing what JYC pages I have completed! I am up to day 13 but I'm going to share from 5-9 today. So here goes!!

Number 5! 

I ran out if time this year so the cards were not homemade! 

Number 6!
I used the back of the envelope from day 5.

Number 7!
Loving mulled wine this year!!! 

Number 8!

A bit of tree love! 

Number 9!

Lovely homemade treats!! Eggnog and gingerbread houses!

Well, hopefully I will be back soon to add more!

Bye for now!
Rachel x

December 12, 2013

**a bit more festive!**

Well I'm certainly excited! The days are most definitely flying by and so far they have been jam pack with Christmassy things! I have managed to squeeze in a little JYC time as well though!

Day 2! Counting down to Christmas.. 

Day 3! December planning! 

...there's loads to add to that too!! 

Day 4! 

Those great little gifts! 

....opens to show Christmas drawings.


I will be back to fill you in on what's been going on, most of it will be in my journal anyway!

Bye for now!

December 04, 2013

**Santa... We have a cover!**

I had an unexpected hour to myself today.. Now this is a rare thing these days! I ran through my mental list of jobs.. Tidy kitchen, put washing away, wrap some presents, write some cards etc etc. None of these jobs actually appealed to me in this moment of quiet so I decided to wander into my craft room... Wanna see what I did?

Yay! It's no longer staring at me willing me to decorate it (the other albums were starting to make fun of it, poor thing!). It really feels like my JYC album now and I have that inspiring feeling ready to carry on! 

...and that's exactly what I'm off to do! 

December 03, 2013

**A bit of JYC **

At the beginning of last week I was browsing the online catalogue of Sarah's cards and stumbled across this beauty:

I adore it! I mean completely fell in love! What a gorgeous album?! So, I instantly had a predicament.. Do I buy? I mean obviously I was going to buy it... BUT do I use it for you.know.what?? It SCREAMS Christmas, however I had already committed to a album for JYC. Remember this? 

I love this too but I was torn.. The beauty above is an 8x8, a size I've used for JYC before and the new? Well, that's 12x12 (eek!), I vowed to myself (and even loudly to some scrappy friends!) that I would never do this size for a JYC again as it was too time consuming!

BUT the more I thought about the delicious album, the more I NEEDED it! So... It arrived the day BEFORE JYC started (don't think I've ever cut it that fine before!). Needless to say, the cover is still blank, the opening cover isn't finished.. But there is some positive!

My manifesto is complete:

It's actually 6x6! Lol.. I have sewn it to the middle of a 12x12 page protector.. You see the only way I could convince myself to go ahead with the album I (ahem) needed was to mix and match sizes of page protectors/pages!!

So there you have it! I will share more as I complete more! 

Bye for now! 

November 26, 2013

*** A bit of prep!***

I managed to find a little time to do some prep work for this years JYC. I usually keep to very traditional colours for my JYC - red, white and green.

I'm still doing that but I'm adding in a couple of extra colours.. I love the simple stories christmas collections so my album will also be including small doses of black and blue. 

I've finished my cover:

Also I've managed to get organised and complete my page numbers too:

I will be adjusting these as I go along to fit into the page...

...ok so there you have it for now!
Bye for now!
Rachel x

November 19, 2013

**Journal your Christmas 2012!**

Journal your Christmas 2013 is fast approaching.. I have just sat down to get some inspiration from last years album when I realised I haven't shared it with all you yet! Shock horror!

So here it is! (Warning photo heavy!) 

Ready for some more??

Space left to add in recipes ... {which I forgot to do!}

...again I left spaces to fill in little notes from the day {which I have on paper...somewhere!}

So there you have it! If you made it to the end then well done!

Hopefully I will see you soon

Bye for now!