January 28, 2012

*Belated JYC - Part Three*

January seems to be a month of finishing projects for me, I've finished the leg warmer/wellie boot liners and I've been re-reviewing my to-do list. Currently it's looking pretty good:

*Document 2011 - November
*Document 2011 - December
*4x6 photo love - June!
*4x6 photo love - October
*4x6 photo love - November
*4x6 photo love - December
*The other leg warmer/welly boot liner
*Patchwork quilt no2
*Cushion covers????

I have a few more bits to add to my list but I won't do that yet as it feels like I am getting somewhere!

 Hopefully you are not bored of my JYC yet!!! Here is some more!

I have another crop tomorrow so I will be packing more projects off the to-do list as well as another maybe!
Bye for now x

January 25, 2012

*Belated JYC - Part Two*

I thought I was on a creative roll then over the weekend the lurgy came to visit us so most forms of creativity stopped. The only thing I have been doing is knitting because I figured I could sit quite still feeling sorry for myself whilst doing it! So my list is getting shorter slowly but surely!

Onto sharing more JYC: 

This page shares the nicer and not so nicer side of Christmas. There are two tags hidden inside the page with the journaling....

The other tag shares my thoughts and feelings on unexpectedly loosing a special lady {my nan} just before Christmas.

The ever-growing to-do lists as on the 7th December 2011 {I actually stopped to take note}

The wonderful sights of Christmas!

Traditions: Old and new! This year we added a new one - Bruge Christmas market, It was amazing and I can't wait to go back next year!!

.....I had to sneak in a page about making decorations:

....and of course, this years colours for wrap!!

Ok, I'm off to cable my heart out...I'm so close to finishing then I can move onto the next project!!!
Bye for now x


January 24, 2012

*Belated JYC - Part One*

Ooh get me I'm actually blogging two days in a row!! So without further a do........

My JYC 2012!

Did you spot Emily's addition? She kindly took a red pencil to it for me!!!! Oh the anguish! Here's a close up just in case you missed it!

Some reminders of December going-ons....

My Manifesto....Please excuse the poor photos, In my rush to share all I wrongly put quickness first instead of time consuming prettiness!

I've added in extra pages in places as I tend to do JYC and DD together. On the 1st Dec we put up our decorations and we brought Adam his own little tree for his newly decorated bedroom - he was so excited about decorating it!

He decided to put everything on one branch at first and it fell over! I convinced him eventually that everything would work better if it was spread out!

Day 2 = our lack of Christmas weather!

I only made 5 cards this year which is progress as I think I only made 2 the Christmas before! You never know it could be 10 next, Lol!

Day 4 - The perfect Christmas......

I decided to call it Christmas perfection as I love it just the way it is!

Adam counting down the days.....

...and finally before you all get bored - the beautiful lit tree we saw when we went to Bruge for the day

Thank you for all the lovely comments yesterday about my 4x6 Photo love...... What did you do with yours? Did you put them in which other layouts or put them into their own album? I'm not sure what to do - I wanted to put them into their own album with notes as a reminder but now I'm not so sure... Is this a waste of an album??? So many Questions!!

January 23, 2012

*4x6 photo love*

I'm actually a little sad I have finished this project, I loved looking forward to seeing exactly how Shimelle was going to make A LOT of 4x6 photos work on a layout - How does she think of this stuff? Brilliant!

I don't really know how I managed it but the last time I worked on this I missed out June!
So here it is!

My little cheeky chops!

October was fun and it is definitely one I will try again - although I think I will pick photos that are less busy next time!

It was a lovely quick layout though, I didn't have any of the page protectors that Shimelle used so I opted for modifying a 12x12 one.

...Onto November - another fun one that I will be using again!

It's a double layout with the sneaky pages in the middle.....

It's hard to imagine like that so here is a view of the whole thing....

I haven't had much time for any Christmas scrapping apart from JYC and this but I feel like I need to put the Christmas stash away for a bit and move on to my to-scrap pile - So currently this is the last Christmas page!

It tells the story of trying to photo the kiddies....which sometimes is a harder task than it needs to be! I was trying to get the Christmas photo that I put into cards to send to relatives - and would they both look at the same time? No! They either had juice cups in front of their faces or they were looking anywhere but at me!

We got there in the end though!

I will be back during the week to share my completed JYC, I am determind to share it before January is over!!!

Bye for now!