February 11, 2012

**Photo of the week**

Remember this?

It's been a while.....I thought I would share a snowy picture from this week. I had to giggle when I captured this as Emily looks like she is the supervisor of the whole operation! She didn't last too much longer as she really doesn't like the cold - Adam however loves snow! When asked if he would like a snowman he replied "No, Gordon please!" You may remember this little boy is a wee bit obsessed with Gordon from Thomas the tank engine!!

Other obsessions include the colour orange and the number 10 {I feel like an episode of sesame street!}

I have been working on my quilt tonight so it won't be long and I will be sharing!
Bye for now x


Louise said...

we've had lots of snow here too. Look forward to seeing your quilt.

Sian said...

That's one of those photos to treasure!