February 20, 2012

**A list review**

It's been busy here over the last week, the front room has been painted, re-wallpapered and had a fireplace fitted. We have a new carpet coming Wednesday, new furniture going in and then all that is left to do is accessorise and wait for the new sofa to arrive! Want a sneak peak?

That's enough!
Now a quick catch up on crafty bits.....
I finished Document 2011 on my original list so it's time to review the new one!
1. Finish Adam's patchwork quilt (see here)
2. Start Document 2012 {and share more document 2011}
3. Knit a snood/cowl - I quite like the one in the latest Molly makes.
4. Finish mini book for crop weekend, I started it at my last crop but haven't progressed!!
5. Start A week in the life???? I'm not sure about this yet, but I don't have long to decide!
6. Start One Sketch - Kirsty's class that I brought in January and haven't got round to starting
7. Do Cushion for Adam's room - to match the patchwork quilt.
8. Do Cushion for Emily's room - to match Emily's patchwork quilt
9. Do Cushions for Beauty room.
10. Try a new project/technique - more revealed later.

Speaking of cushions I made these too whilst the sewing machine was out.....
The window in our front room is an odd shape so we have to have curtains made, we picked them up when they were finished and I did a quick check that the drop was ok when we got home.....but I didn't open them up! When it was time to hang them one curtain was wider than the width of our window!!!
I was a bit disappointed and thought about taking them back but decided to adjust them myself....and I'm so glad I did as I now have matching cushion covers that I made with the leftover curtain material. I'm also pretty chuffed with my curtain adjusting and the fact that there is going to be a handful of things that I have made in our new front room!!



scrappyjacky said...

I really like all those cushions,Rachel....perfect 'kids' ones....and love the colours of the lounge ones.

Lizzie said...

There's certainly no shortage of comfy cushions in your house now, Rachel! What a great set of cushions you have made. I bet Adam is really pleased with his quilt and cushion set - and I don't suppose Emily minds a comfy room either!
Well done to you for getting some things crossed off your list, even while decorating, working and doing all your home and mummy jobs too!

Amy said...

I'm looking forward to the big reveal after all this teasing!

Melissa said...

Wow, you have been productive Rachel. Great job on all those cushions!!