January 16, 2012



Isn't it going quick again? I can't believe it's already the 16th......and this will be the 2nd blog post of 2012 so far {Oh the shame!} So things have been just as busy as usual around these parts. Adam went back to Nursery and has now developed a thing for birdwatching after birdwatching week and refers to his binoculars as nock-yilas. He walks around the house looking through them and bumping into furniture which is a little funny to watch {I know....wicked mother!}

Emily is getting more grown up by the day and says a lot more now but still talks more with expression than words! She also has slightly more hair but still not a lot - poor girl! I can't believe that this year Adam will be 4 and Emily will be 2......Oh where does it go?

On the business front we are awaiting an exciting phone call to say that the summer house will be delivered soon and then I can start turning it into my gorgeous beauty room. The shed that once stood in the corner of the garden has gone ready for the upcoming adventure..... I have excitedly picked out my nail station, furniture, decor...oh I can't wait!

.....and the creativeness? Well it is still happening in much smaller doses but somehow I am still finding small amounts of time to add pictures to paper. My JYC is finished apart from one photo and a smidge of journaling - so I will share that soon. My 2012 calendar is also finished, I have knitted one leg warmer/welly liner, October's Document 2011 and I still have a huge to-do list!!!! Hey maybe I should share it to make me prioritise??? Here goes:

*Document 2011 - November
*Document 2011 - December
*4x6 photo love - June!
*4x6 photo love - October
*4x6 photo love - November
*4x6 photo love - December
*The other leg warmer/welly boot liner
*Patchwork quilt no2
*Cushion covers????

Wow what a list!!!! Ok that has frightened me slightly, Lol!

I think I had better go and get started! Night all x



Michelle said...

Love the chrimbo hat! So sweet! lol U've done loads of stuff in 2011, wot u up 2 now???

scrappyjacky said...

Good luck with the business venture,Rachel.

S said...

What a cute picture of your little ones! It's okay with me that you only have 2 blog posts this year - I'm just now getting around to visiting. It sounds like you'll be even busier soon. Good luck!

Amy said...

The kids have grown so much Rachel! Good luck with all of the business endeavours, you sound busy, but very happy!

Gem's Crafts said...

Looking forward to seeing how you organise the new summer house for your new business, good luck with it all :)

Your to do list looks as long as mine, I'm still working on JYC, and Document 2011 was given up after February!

Julie J said...

I still have Oct Nov and Dec 4X6 Photo Love to do too - unless I count the October one I helped DD do (although it's not finished even though she says it is!
Good luck with the beauty business

Sian said...

It's good to see what you have been up to! Very, very best of luck with your business - if I lived a bit closer I'd be round like a shot :)

Melissa said...

Wow, those two little one are getting big . . . and oh so cute! How exciting that you are setting up your business, waiting for the room & picking out all the stuff that will go in it! Have fun with all your creative projects.

Cal said...

Ooooo good luck with the treatment room! Post pics!