January 23, 2012

*4x6 photo love*

I'm actually a little sad I have finished this project, I loved looking forward to seeing exactly how Shimelle was going to make A LOT of 4x6 photos work on a layout - How does she think of this stuff? Brilliant!

I don't really know how I managed it but the last time I worked on this I missed out June!
So here it is!

My little cheeky chops!

October was fun and it is definitely one I will try again - although I think I will pick photos that are less busy next time!

It was a lovely quick layout though, I didn't have any of the page protectors that Shimelle used so I opted for modifying a 12x12 one.

...Onto November - another fun one that I will be using again!

It's a double layout with the sneaky pages in the middle.....

It's hard to imagine like that so here is a view of the whole thing....

I haven't had much time for any Christmas scrapping apart from JYC and this but I feel like I need to put the Christmas stash away for a bit and move on to my to-scrap pile - So currently this is the last Christmas page!

It tells the story of trying to photo the kiddies....which sometimes is a harder task than it needs to be! I was trying to get the Christmas photo that I put into cards to send to relatives - and would they both look at the same time? No! They either had juice cups in front of their faces or they were looking anywhere but at me!

We got there in the end though!

I will be back during the week to share my completed JYC, I am determind to share it before January is over!!!

Bye for now!


Gem's Crafts said...

I love all your 4x6 photo love LO's. And I know what you mean about being overloaded with Christmas Scrapping, I'm still working on my JYC and just want to move onto something else now!

Amy said...

The Christmas ones are fantastic Rachel!

Sian said...

You have made a fabulous job of these! I'm thinking it would be fun to just go back to the beginning again and start with Shimelle's plan for January all over again..

JO SOWERBY said...

I am still working on mine too, but u have given me loads of inspiration. I will probably be finished with my JYC 2011 by next Xmas, :)
Jo xxx

Louise said...

I had every intention to join in with 4x6 photo love and just never got around to it - seeing your gorgeous layouts had made me wish I had.