November 15, 2011

*Christmas crafty bits*

I've been thinking of Christmas a lot lately and then Shimelle had a Christmas weekend crop - so that got the creative juices flowing and now Christmas is always on my mind - oh dear!

Apologies about delays in comments on your blogs - for some reason I'm having trouble leaving comments on quite a few blogs!

Back to the festiveness. After a reading a few Christmas challenges I set to work!

I found this website while looking through some crafty projects  to make for decorations and I fell in love with it - it's adorable and has doubled up as this challenge too.

... of course I couldn't leave it there so I had to make one straight away!

It is made from a tube that is one of my acrylic brushes came in - I painted the stopper silver to replicate the magical top of the north pole and then to set to work covering it with white cardstock and sticking red ribbon around tightly securing either end with glossy accents.

To weigh it down I have plugged one end with blu tak and it sits quite nicely without toppling over!

The signs are just handwritten and stuck on with glossy accents, with the main one mounted on red dotty bazill.

.....Then I needed to do more to satisfy my Christmas crafting so I moved onto another challenge of Shimelle's.

I created these tags using odds and ends from previous Christmas Journals - so I was pleased to use them up....This one is my favourite. The 'I':

I took inspiration from this post that Shimelle featured and I think it works nicely in those colours.

Ok nearly there I promise! The last Christmassey type thing I made was some tree decorations:

They started life like this:

I brought them last year in B&Q with good intentions to alter them....and then forgot! They sat in my craft cupboard lonely - until now. I painted them with a few coats of acrylic paint, edged them with a pen once they were dry and then glued some buttons onto them - tada!

Ok that's it for Christmas crafts... Ooh I nearly forgot. This was waiting for me when I got home from work today.....

Wanna see what is inside?

I'm off to make it - see you soon!


November 13, 2011

**Finally - some papercraft**

Ok, enough teasing..... these are the layouts that I completed at our weekend crop. They are all part of Shimelle's 4x6 photo love.

The first is July and includes 7 4x6 photos from two of the girls nights out I have recently been on.

Half way through making these I realised that I forgot to do June! So that is on the to-do pile now!

I love this concertina effect and I will definitely be using it again!

The next layout is August using 8 4x6 photos, I have used some snaps from our honeymoon in New York that I hadn't got round to scrapping yet.

This is a completely different style for me... and I love it, I especially like that you can see little sneak peaks of the pictures.

Then we move onto September - 9 4x6 photos. I had so much fun making this one, it's the biggest layout I've ever made as it is spread over 3 pages!

This also going to be another one of my favourites to replicate!

I think it may even be my favourite layout of the year so far! I have decided that I might get an album especially for the 4x6 photo love layouts and also include notes from shimelle's prompts so that I can use it as a reference album - it's going to come in very handy!

I will be back tomorrow with a Christmassy post! I've decided it's ok to start thinking festive thoughts now after Shimelle's weekend Christmas craft crop!

Night all x

November 12, 2011

*Something new*

I can't believe how quick the last 8 days have gone! I started a new project last weekend and just like a good book I couldn't put it down. So every night this week I have stayed up later than I usually do to work on it.... and just like a good book I've finished it too fast and therefore was disappointed that it was over! I'm talking about this beauty:

It's my first one which I know the size of it was quite ambitious for a first but I'm so pleased with it. Its another item for Emily's bedroom when we decorate.... and because I enjoyed making it that much I am going to make one for Adam (he has already requested that it has orange in it!)

Last Saturday we went to Steve's sister and brother in laws house for dinner and fireworks. Emily wasn't too keen and did look a little frightened but Adam loved it and was very excited by the whole thing. He had a go with some sparklers too - assisted by Nanna and smiled throughout waving his arms around.

Now I did promise some pics of my layouts that I completed during my weekend crop. Would you like a sneak peak?  

Well I did say a sneak peak! :)

November 04, 2011

**So much fun!**

*Jumping up and down* I want to do it again! I am referring to my fantastic crop weekend away with V.J and Carrie, there was chocolate consumption, alcohol, giggles and of course scrapbooking! I think we may just have to make this an annual thing ay girls *wink*

We set off on our road trip and got temporarily restrained in traffic but we didn't let that get us down and continued with the giggles and chatting excitedly..... the first stop was Sainsbury's {other large stores are available - Lol!} where we carefully planned food and drink to see us through. I think we were all rather impressed at our resourcefulness {is that even a word?} as we managed to stock up for around £11 each!

It wasn't long before we were straight into scrapping.....and a little drinking!

The progress before heading to bed on Friday night!
After a much needed breakfast we headed to this lovely place:

.......More scrapping until late into the night (check out V.J's nice and tidy crop space compared to ours!).

I managed to get my LSNED 2011 finished at the crop as well as some other pages which I will post later - you can find LSNED 11--------> HERE.

Now I'm off to sort myself out for fireworks.....Night all x