September 19, 2011

**My grown up boy**

Adam enjoyed his third birthday and had a lot of fun opening presents! He was so sweet all day and every time someone gave him a present he looked amazed that it was for him.

Adams Aunties & Uncles and Nannies & grandads came round for a little tea party and he proudly showed off his Gordon cake that mummy made.

When I made the cake, Adam quietly sat and watched and then when it was finished he said 'I love you Gordon!'

He smiled the whole way through 'happy birthday to Adam!' and then had to blow out his candles 3 times. I didn't think we were going to be aloud to cut the cake but I started from the back so that he could still see Gordon's face!!

Thankfully he has forgotten about his Gordon cake now because it is all gone!


September 14, 2011

** LSNED Update**

Lots to tell! However, I am going to share my LSNED pages first as I have to go to work soon.

Lesson 6: I'm not as organised as I used to be! I just keep realising this again and again! Oops!

Lesson 7: Today I relearnt I'm rubbish at keeping spare inks! You all know how rubbish I am at that!

Lesson 8: Breaks need to be booked they don't just appear!

Lesson 9: Kiddies may just surprise you! Adam is starting nursery soon and we went to meet everybody and play for a little while before he starts. I thought he would be very quiet and shy {as he is around most new people} but he proved me wrong and dove straight in - he didn't want to come home actually! Phew!

Lesson 10: Gordon has a lot of wheels! I discovered this whilst making Adam's birthday cake! {Will share later}

Lesson 11: 3 year olds take minutes to open their presents! As oppose to last year where he took 2 hours! I though this was a fun page to do as it featured in last years LSNED.

Lesson 12: ...and everywhere that Adam went the balloons were sure to follow. They went everywhere with him!

Ok, so today is short and sweet as I must dash but I will be back soon with birthday tales and pics!


September 06, 2011

*The one about the explanation*

As most of you are aware I am a Beauty Therapist/Nail Technician and teach my subjects at the local college. In April, I decided to start working from home - adding in clients on my days off from teaching. I LOVED IT!!! I missed working in that environment, I missed the adult conversation {don't get me wrong, 16-19 year olds are lovely, but can be very dramatic!}, but most of all I missed actually doing the treatments!

So since then, I have been slowly building my business, working more hours than I normally do to build that healthy base..... it worked. Last month I decided to cut my hours down at college to one day a week and work from home more. I love my job but it was beginning to get me down a bit, there have been a lot of changes recently and while I embrace change these changes were very stressful for all staff and it was turning into a place that I no longer wanted to be in. I still work there, but the subject I teach is completely separate and so I no longer have to deal with the stress and emotions that came with the old package. there you have it! The reason why I have been missing in action since June, but I am back as a much happier and healthier Rachel B.

♥ ♥ ♥

*Learn Something New EveryDay 2011*

Lesson 5: If Crickets are not fed they eat each other!
This is an odd lesson but one where I found myself saying 'Really? Well you learn something new everyday!' So I thought it was quite appropriate. One of my clients has reptiles and one of them has to be fed live crickets, however the crickets need to be fed too - otherwise they turn and eat each other!

Apologies to all whose blogs I have neglected to read recently, I am off to do a spot of reading now!
Have a nice day :)


September 04, 2011

*Hey Guys!*

There's nothing like a new class to give that well needed kick up the proverbial!!
PLEASE excuse the embarrassingly long delay - there is sooo much to share and I just don't know where to begin!

Maybe LSNED is a good place to start?

This is my Third year of Learn Something New EveryDay, I couldn't just let it go without joining in - especially as it is Adam's Birthday month.....3 in 8 days! Where does the time go????? So...naturally he is the new blog header! Pictures aged 1, 2.. then nearly three {taken this week}

Sooo, I decided on a different size this year. 2009 I developed a 6x6 album with my shiny new bind-it-all, 2010 I opted for a 6x4 chipboard album and this year I decided I needed something uber quick to create each day {more stories and explanations later}, therefore I have made a 4x3 album from chipboard and book rings.

I loved last years style so much that I have replicated it but it is half the size. I have 15 kraft envelopes for the pages, each side will scrapped each day and inside there are two kraft journaling cards. I haven't decided whether I will purposely take a photo each day but if I do they will be printed at the end of the month.

Lesson 1: I will be missed more than I thought. This isn't a morbid lesson! It is to do with work and new ventures {story for another day - arghh, keep you in suspense!}

Lesson 2: It's the little things that really make you the happiest. We took Adam on the light railway and I actually thought he would burst with excitement. It was so lovely to see the look on his face - ALL DAY!

Lesson 3: I really should check first! This is about the forum for the class. I didn't check until day 3 and then realised the beautiful printables Shimelle has given us match perfectly with my colour scheme....then I wanted to redo days 1 & 2 - but I didn't!

Lesson 4: You can make a game out of anything! {Picture to follow} Adam decided to make a bridge out of Emily's nappies and kept himself amused for ages!

Ok, that's it for tonight. I have a front room to tidy as The little people have trashed it today!!
I will be back soon - PROMISE!
Night all