June 27, 2011

*4x6 photo love - May*

Just quickly stopping by today , I've only just managed to take a picture of this layout, it's been sitting on my desk for a couple of weeks - finished and waiting to be papped!

It's part of the 4x6 photo love that Shimelle is currently teaching, Only just made it though as June's will be posted on Shimelle's blog soon!

Ooh, I haven't forgotten my fellow knitters! I have something to share with you soon........


June 26, 2011

*A crop day - on a Sunday?*

...Yes that's right - a Sunday. Our crop has now moved from Monday's to Sundays, which has been really lovely today. The Kiddies played well together plus it kinda felt more laid back in general. Emily stayed at home with Steve as she needed to catch up on her naps {teething stage again = lack of sleep = tired and grumpy Miss Emily!}

 Adam came with me and played really nicely with Miss H, they shared cheesy biscuits and sat and watched Thomas together on the couch - so cute but I'm not sure what Miss H's daddy would say!

In fact the day went so well that I achieved my envelope page for Document 2011, my feature page and my little pages! {Please ignore the first rectangle in this next picture, I thought I had left a photo at home that is supposed to go there, but it turns out I haven't printed it and I need more black ink! So that will have to wait!}

I need to sort out my June photos now ready for the next Photobox order, I can't believe I am almost half way through my document album again! Where is the year going?

 I really enjoyed this layout, I am finding that I am using a lot more 3 pic layouts since I have started Shimelle's 4x6 photo love. I'm just a bit worried that they are starting to look a bit samey!

I need to go and sort my nail kit out now, I'm doing another nail course tomorrow. Very exciting!


June 25, 2011

*Photo of the week - baking buddies*

 When I discovered I was pregnant I started to think of all the things I would do with my baby - baking being one of them... we have had a couple of goes at it together but so far there has been far too much mess!

So Last Sunday when I saw a Thomas cake kit I was dubious - I brought it but expected it to stay in the cupboard for a little while...... I was totally wrong and while unpacking the shopping Adam caught a glimpse of it. Naturally, Adam was very excited an immediately wanted to open it {he didn't know what was inside, he just wanted to see more Thomas}.

10 minutes later the shopping had been put away and Adam was patiently sitting at the table waiting to start! He started off by placing the cases one by one in the tin, he did all of the mixing himself {apart from one final mix from mummy at the end}, he used a spoon to put the mix into the cases, mummy put them in the oven and then Adam patiently sat and watched them. In the oven. For 10 minutes!

After they had cooled down he even iced them himself and added the Thomas pictures *so proud*

Don't they look yummy?

Of course it was then time for official tasting!
Turned out to be quite a few photos for photo of the week - opps!

June 19, 2011

*A town tradition*

In our small town there is a carnival day/fete that happens once a year and has been a tradition for about 142 years {minus breaks for world wars}. I have gone every year ever since I can remember and Saturday was probably one of the best since I was a child.

Adam wasn't sure about the rides at first and was quite nervous on Thomas - even with mummy there! 

There was a huge fire truck in the events section, part of the guy's act was to pirouette {his word, not mine} around his son and then try and pop a balloon by landing on it - the balloon was on a stick under his son's foot!

Don't worry, it went OK!

I couldn't resist the Eat, drink and carry on sign!

Adam finally found some courage and then we couldn't keep him away from all of the rides!

Some family and friends {not for me *queasy face*} went on the cage - mad people!

The kiddies sat and watched the waltzers spin round and round - Adam was fascinated ♥

After we headed back to my sister-in-law's house for a barbeque and some Pimm's-o-clock! Before heading back again. Steve went on the bumpers cars with our brother-in-law whilst Adam lauged his head off. Everytime they drove into each other Adam shouted 'crash!'

After we left to take the kiddies home the firework display started, luckily we can see them from our back garden and I managed to get some piccys

...this one is my fave:

All in all it was a fab day filled with memories - including this little gem that I have only just remembered!

In the morning it was raining and Adam asked me if he could go outside. I explained that it was very wet and that he would get soaked as it was raining....he paused and said 'towel please mummy, Adam do it, Adam dry the garden mummy!'

Night all

June 13, 2011

*I've lost my blogspot!*

Hello everyone! Apologies for the strangeness in my blog in the last 3 days. I decided to change to a custom domain {loosing the blogspot from my blog address} and had a few problems along the way but all is back to normal. You may have to re-subscribe or re-add me etc to google reader or however you follow as I'm not sure if it automatically changes......

I'm now www.rachelbsworld.com - goodbye blogspot *waves*


June 10, 2011

*10 things I really need in my scrapbook stash*

*1. Adhesive - naturally! I use American crafts roller adhesives for my main papers and for sticking photos. I also use a wide double sided tape for heavier items... and have recently discovered the most brilliant Glossy accents - thank you Rebekah and Kirsty.
**Click here to see the source and/or purchase it!*

*2. Journaling pens - When I first started scrapbooking I wouldn't write on my scrapbook pages as I was afraid I would spoil them! That soon changed and now I do not feel right without my handwriting on a page. I use lots of different pens, normally a roller ball type of pen that doesn't smudge but I have just recently purchased the American crafts precision pens - so I will giving them a go soon.
*3. Ink pads - I love adding definition to my scrapbook pages by inking pieces of patterned paper or borders. I mainly use black and brown and my current ones are Maya road.

*4. Border punches ♥ -  I can't seem to create a page without one these days. My two favourites are Martha Stewart's around the page loopy design and EK success slim edger punch - pointed flower.

*5. Journaling blocks - these can be in sticker or card stock form. Sometimes I use lots of one page and other times just one or two. I love all kinds of brands and styles - anything colour complimentary to my layout really!

*6.  ALPHA STICKERS - these have become my scrapbooking must-have! I hoard them. I love using different types to make up my titles - mixing and matching. I brought theses beauties on Saturday at scrapagogo: go to you.

*7. Washi tape! - This is only a recent love of mine and is now used frequently!


*8. Pretty scissors - I use these to create border pieces or cut out journaling blocks.

*9. Crop-a-dile - I love that it is all-in-one and can punch through thick cardboard

*10. Ranger ink applicator - another new discovery {thank you Shimelle}... used to apply ink to card stock. It's easier on smaller pieces rather than using the ink pad itself {plus less messy}.

Shimelle has more of 10 things on the 10th here

Ooh normal business will resume tomorrow

June 09, 2011

*Sketches and cars!*

 The students returned after half term this week and usual for this time of year - they start panicking that they are not going to finish. They have three more weeks left of college and will now spend those weeks waving bits of paper at you and demanding signatures in a 100 places in their portfolios etc etc... so with all of that going on, it's gets a little stressful.

Today was not any different and I left work with a headache that I could sense would turn into a migraine - I was right! On the way home from work {about 10-15 minutes from my house but still too far to walk} the car broke down! So there I was in the sunshine, with a headache/migraine, wanting to throw up with cars rushing past me {I wasn't in the car, I had got out by then}.

I was rescued by Steve and my dad and when I got in  I had to go straight to bed to sleep off my head!
What a day!


June 06, 2011

*Scrapagogo - Go to you*

*Apologies in advance for the lengthy post!*

Firstly I wanted to share some information that I found very useful, it was emailed to me from someone called DarkUFO on the blogger forum. Here goes:

DarkUFO has posted an answer to the question "Why do I keep appearing as anonymous?":
Known Issue
Here are some things that worked for a couple of people.

1) Before attempting to Login in Make sure the "Remember Me" Checkbox is UNTICKED
2) Make sure you are running the latest version of your browser, if not, upgraded it.
3) Make sure you REALLY have cleared both your COOKIES and CACHE
4) Once Cleared shut down the browser
5) Then Open it again and Check that the Cookies and Cache are indeed Empty. This is very important. The problem seems to be with corrupt cookies and cache files
6) If that is OK try going to www.blogger.com . Don't login yet, press CTRL-F5 and then try logging in again
7) If that still does not work try logging into Gmail first and then go to www.blogger.com and try again
8) If that does not work try going to this address http://www2.blogger.com/home
9) If that does not work try going to draft.blogger.com
10)  If you use IE8 or IE9 try pressing the compatibility button (at the end of the address bar) when you're on your blog page.
11) If all those fail, try installing another browser to see if that works eg Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc
12) If you comments box on your blog is not appearing, change from Embed Comments to Popup or Full-Screen until the issue is fixed. Also try. Or you can try , but backup your blog template first, is to try resetting all your defaults. see screenshot. You do this from the Design, Edit HTML screen. (http://i54.tinypic.com/vfv883.png) This fixes about 99% of issues with the missing comments box.

If those do not work, leave your details on this thread

I hope that helps, I found a solution after point 1 then clearing the cookies!

Right, back to business!
I rather meanly {but by accident} left out the pic of THOSE SHOES from yesterdays post...


♥ ♥ ♥

Saturday was wonderful - I just can't believe how quick it went! We arrived bright and early at Branksome place

....and was greeted with a cute goody bag and a voucher for the shop :)

The first class we took was by Rebekah Montague and we did lots of small cutting and making little flowers, It was very fiddly but I loved it and really love the results

The flowers took quite a while as we had to fold 15 small squares into origami flowers then glue each one... then glue them together! So we spent the time from the first class to our next class trying to finish this in our crop space

The next class we took was by Kirsty, I found it strange but satisfying to screw up the paper for the layout and I really like the effect it has given.

After the last class it was time to go home, so we packed up our stuff and reluctantly left! After the journey home I decided I hadn't scrapped enough so I broke out a class kit that I brought earlier on in the day and had a go at that.

I loved all of the distressing involved!

*Congratulations if you made it to the end of this post!*

Right I'm off, Emily has woken up from her nap....
Bye for now!