March 31, 2011

It's all about the wool!

Shimelle has approached the topic of regular features today in bfs, as you know before I disappeared  off the face of blogland for a while I had quite a few regular features *may I draw your attention to the right* such as this little one:

I don't really know what has suddenly inspired me to knit Autumn/Winter wear but that seems to be the type of item appearing on the knitting sticks at the moment.

First there was Adam's Dennis the Menace gloves.

Then I decided to make these gorgeous gloves with my first ever attempt at cable. Yes CABLE!

I'm so excited about this as I've always been slightly scared about attempting cable - silly fear of the unknown!

......and now?? I am knitting a jumper!!! In Spring!!

Oh well, at least it will be ready for next Autumn/Winter!!!

Night all!

March 30, 2011

Inspiration takes many forms

It has taken a while but I think I have finally got used to juggling work and everyday life/creativity/being a mum/housewife. It's amazing how an additional small person changes your daily routine and just when I thought I had it all figured out the balance was broken with my return to work! Every job is stressful in it's own right and the added stress of teaching observations, deadlines and the time of year that I returned did not help and so blogging and creating has taken a back seat. Thankfully the pressure is easing slightly and I am settling into a new routine of life +work, it also helps that the small people are growing (although I wouldn't want to wish this part away). Emily isn't so demanding now and will play with Adam *or by herself* quite happily, whereas before she was too little, couldn't crawl, would cry as soon as you put her down and demanded attention all the time - so at least I get a little break now and I can make a coffee without her shrieking!!!

So it's all coming together, I put aside set time for lesson planning in the week and now I am going to try and introduce regular blogging again - but maybe not quite as regular as it was! We will see!

Reading through some blogs today, in particular Amy's & this post,  have inspired a whirlwind of thoughts. I am contemplating re-visiting Shimelle's current class - Blogging for Scrapbookers, I participated the first time around but feel it probably wouldn't hurt to visit the prompts again in preparation for part two in April. What do you think? Is it too late? It's a shame I missed the beginning.

On a different note, I had my hair cut a couple of weeks ago and I now have a fringe or bangs for my US friends, wanna see?

March 29, 2011

Monday Madness

Yesterdays events did not go as planned. Firstly it was crop day, which I always look forward to from the second we finish the previous one! Plus yesterday Steve had offered to look after the small people so that I could get more done.

*the three of us that crop all have children and they usually play together while we are creating*

Unfortunately I discovered Sunday night that I had ran out of ink so I decided that I would rush off in the morning to get one, so I set off at 8.30am (probably not the best time!), arrived at Tesco, purchased a colour ink, put fuel in the car and made my way back. Due to the time of day this took over an hour!

I arrived back at home and went straight upstairs to install my colour ink (panicking slightly at the time) only to find that I had plenty of colour - it was black ink I needed! *Luckily I had a spare in the drawer* So I sorted the printer and began printing pics for the crop annoyed with myself for wasting over an hour.

10 minutes later (around 10am now and panic levels increasing) Steve came up the stairs covered in sick! Adam had vomited all over both of them!

My poor little boy had been sick and didn't even care, there wasn't any fuss at all! He looked so pale and curled up on the settee to watch Thomas, then 5 minutes later he threw up again!

So, like any mum would, I decided to stay at home and look after my poorly baby instead of the crop.....

He is much better today and running around like normal!

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March 27, 2011

All kinds of sorting out

It must be due to the sunshine and the feeling of Spring because this week I have had various urges to sort out and organise things.

1. My desk at work had a makeover

2. I sorted out 500+ unopened emails at home (I know, that is shocking)

3. I have sorted out the small peoples toys (again!)

.....and now, in a rare moment of quietness I am about to read through some of the 1400 blog posts that have been patiently waiting for me on my computer.

It's usually this time of year that my craft room has it's annual blitz! Maybe that is a job for the Easter hols!!!!!

Before I go I wanted to share some knitting with you:

He is finally finished, along with these for next winter:

Ooh I have more knitting to show but I must go and read some blogs, I really want to catch up with you all

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March 03, 2011

Knitting progress

This week the knitting needles are holding parts of a certain character who lives in Beano town!

Hope Adam likes it!

Night all
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March 01, 2011

March already?

Where is the time going?

I started on a mission last week to catch up, I didn't expect to fully achieve this so I'm glad I didn't disappoint myself! I did manage to get my blog reader from 1000+ to 545........ I'm still going!

Last night I went to my evening class and as it is the last module so they have upped the anti! We now have a TON of work to do so I'm not celebrating just yet about clearing a chunk of blog posts  - I'm still going to try and make the time to read at least 10-15 a day if not more so I won't feel as bad then.

There is excitement in the house today as the Sky HD box arrived so Steve keeps flicking through all the channels and comparing them - must be a guy thing! Now we need to stock up on Thomas, Mickey the Mouse and Dennis & Gnasher, these are the programmes we store for a rainy day! Thank goodness Adam isn't old enough to realise they were all on the old box and are now all gone!