January 29, 2011

My grown up boy x

I'm exhausted! I've just had a go on the wii fit for the first time in ages and I am aching so much! I think I need to go on it a bit more then I won't feel so weak and silly!

Adam has started using a big boy cup this week - in small doses! He started and after I explained for 5 minutes that drinks were not aloud in the front room because they can make mess, he secured a spot in the hall where we still have laminate flooring:

He was so pleased with himself, especially after mummy made a fuss and clapped - He really knows he is good/clever then. Every so often Adam would stop playing, go to the hall, pick up his drink and say 'no front room mummy!' before drinking the whole drink and asking for more! I'm so glad the novelty wore off after a couple of hours - that was a lot of nappy changes! He now drinks sparingly again.....

Night all x

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January 28, 2011

Bad blogger!

I don't appear to be doing too well in January do I? I can't believe I haven't blogged since Sunday!!! I have had a lot of school work and homework for my course too and last night I had such a bad headache that I was in bed by 9.30pm
*Gosh, I just read that back and it sounds like I am making lots of excuses!*

So as I have been a tad naughty here is a bit of a catch up!

Monday I  was supposed to share some of my projects but I haven't actually done anything to share - opps!

....However it's a tad different on the knitting front....or should I say crochet?

I love this adorable little valentines monster.....

.....and I had to give this a go as I thought it was quite funny!

They were really quick projects and I think the next one will be too - it's another crochet project and I will reveal it's progress next Thursday.

Onto the weeks pics:

Friday 21st - I made my millionaires pie/cake *recipe to follow shortly*
Saturday 22nd - Dinner was a success, look at all those bottles!
Sunday 23rd - Emily in her new 'grow'
Monday 24th - I finished my valentines monster
Tuesday 25th - I enjoyed a delicious White chocolate and Raspberry hot chocolate - yum! *Thanks Stace* 
Wednesday 26th - Adam had his 2 year check at the children's centre and they gave him a book bag full of lovely books.
Thursday 27th - I finished making Stewie!

Hopefully I manage to blog on time next week, I know I can schedule posts but I prefer typing on the day and adding my random thoughts at the time.....Because let's face it, I am quite random!
Night all


January 23, 2011

How entertaining!

You will be pleased to know that I didn't burn the house down! Dinner was a success and it was a really good evening.
Main course was sweet and sour chicken (homemade from scratch, didn't need the back up jar or take-away menu in the end! hehe)
and pudding was Millionaire's cake and homemade galaxy ice cream. I loved the pudding, it's millionaire's shortbread but in cake/pie form - yum!

*Will share pics later* 

With all of the busy cooking/cleaning/preparing and entertaining yesterday I ran out of time to blog - but sometimes that life isn't it? I'm trying a more laid back approach this year!

So a day late here is my POTW:

Emily is 8 months old now and is changing so much at the moment, she has well and truly perfected the art of sitting by herself and moves around  the room quite well even though she cannot crawl. She eats non-stop  (like her brother!) and will eat just about anything too!

Now If you have been wondering about my new secret project then wonder no more!!!
This is it: 

It is my new Home album, I am going to work on it in between other projects and I have started with the front garden. The album is a brown 8.5 x 11 American crafts D-ring album which I had before JYC but I hadn't had a chance to use and after completing JYC I decided to go for it!

The cover is quite simple and decorated with our house number and I am planning on using a mis-match of colours inside to co-ordinate with each room.

I will share the first part tomorrow....

January 21, 2011

Got that Friday feeling?

I've been busy preparing food today as tomorrow night it is our turn to host the family dinner, I have mentioned before that I'm not much of a cook but so far I have kept up with my 2011 intention of 'cook more' and I have done exactly that. I have made a few 'new dishes' for us and Steve is eager to get back in the kitchen and take over!
*So lucky to have a man that LOVES cooking!*

Tomorrow I am cooking - the whole meal! Usually I make all the desserts as Steve isn't really interested in cooking and baking the sweet stuff but this time I've been let loose with the stove!!!
*will let you know how the kitchen survives*

I ran out of time this week and didn't get round to putting overlays on my pics but I think it works well like this too:

Friday 14th - I met a friend for a costa in Tesco and I picked up a few goodies too!
Saturday 15th - Mmmmm, I made bread!
Sunday 16th - The end of JYC for me
Monday 17th - Steve's Blu-Ray player arrived (his purchase with his Christmas pennies)
Tuesday 18th - My school bags ready for a long afternoon/evening at work!
Wednesday 19th - I finished my Document 2010
Thursday 20th - I started my new project *more on that later*


....and here it is. The final part of Document 2010:

I decorated the front *bet you didn't expect it to be blue!*

...and the opening page:

Right I need to go and get the meat out for tomorrow,
Night all

January 20, 2011

Some documenting has occured!

Hello, hello!
Tuesday evening at work went really well and so I can relax a little more now! I have had a productive week this week and I have managed to finish off some projects and begin a new one too! *more on that later*

The first project that I finished relates to this:

Yes, I finally finished the stocking!! I decided not to add pom poms to this one as I want to change one little thing on each stocking - I do plan to make two more but I am going to leave them until October!

See the cute cars?


I have had a couple of evenings to myself this week as Steve has worked nights or been in bed early ready to get up at silly o' clock for work! Document 2010 was the next item on my priority list which I am pleased to report is now completely finished! Here is November:
*I will post December and the cover later*

Ooh and more on that new project too.......

Night all

January 17, 2011

The final installment of JYC 2010

The fourth installment of JYC! I'm still contemplating the slide show idea, will let you know!

Day 34:
Adam has always been fascinated with lights and so Christmas this year was particularly interesting! He NEVER got tired of the tree lights being turned on & every day he would jump in the air shouting 'mummy, lights!' whilst pointing at the tree! This happened for the full 35 days that the tree was up!!!

Day 35:
My list is quite straight forward with the top point being the most important! Next Christmas I will be working and really must remember this...... 

Day 36:
The decorations came down on the fourth - much to Adam's disgust!! I think he is going to be a Christmas nut just like his mum!!!

Day 37:

I didn't want to add anymore words to this page as I think it sums it up nicely.

....and so here is the final album:

I really must learn not to use big embellishments in an album of this size!!!!

Night all

January 16, 2011

JYC catch up - Número Tres

You will be pleased to know that there will only be a part 4 to the JYC catch up posts, I thought I had already blogged New years eve but looking back I actually haven't!

Day 31:
 I wanted to keep this page simple......by just saying goodbye!

Day 32:
I have filled in my 2011 intentions now using my earlier blog post, again I wanted to keep it simple to encourage me to continue!!!!

Day 33:
I love this picture and I'm quite pleased with the layout too! On the back there is a journalling card and some more embellishments  - I forgot to photograph it!

I haven't decided yet but I might re-photograph the pages in daylight and put them in a slide show for easy access. What do you think? Have you had enough of JYC now?

Night all

January 15, 2011

Photo of the week

Quick post tonight! I've finished off my JYC now, I just need to blog the last 6 pages!! The next project is to finish my document 2010. I have November and December to complete but I'm going to do decembers first while the Christmas stash is still out! More on that later :)

This photo isn't a particularly amazing photo but I love it for the caring side that Adam is showing more and more at the moment. I put the changing mat down to change his nappy and Adam decided that mickey needed one instead and began to change him. This morning I woke up to mickey mouse in front of my face and Adam saying 'mickey stinky poo! Nappy please!'

Night all x

- Posted from Rachel B's iPhone, a bit of loveliness!