November 12, 2011

*Something new*

I can't believe how quick the last 8 days have gone! I started a new project last weekend and just like a good book I couldn't put it down. So every night this week I have stayed up later than I usually do to work on it.... and just like a good book I've finished it too fast and therefore was disappointed that it was over! I'm talking about this beauty:

It's my first one which I know the size of it was quite ambitious for a first but I'm so pleased with it. Its another item for Emily's bedroom when we decorate.... and because I enjoyed making it that much I am going to make one for Adam (he has already requested that it has orange in it!)

Last Saturday we went to Steve's sister and brother in laws house for dinner and fireworks. Emily wasn't too keen and did look a little frightened but Adam loved it and was very excited by the whole thing. He had a go with some sparklers too - assisted by Nanna and smiled throughout waving his arms around.

Now I did promise some pics of my layouts that I completed during my weekend crop. Would you like a sneak peak?  

Well I did say a sneak peak! :)


Gem's Crafts said...

That quilt is just gorgeous, I can't believe you've made that in a week! Looking forward to seeing your LO's too :)

furrypig said...

gorgeous quilt Rachel, can't wait to see your scrapping in full xxx

Sarah said...

Lovely quilt, Emily will love it!! Can't wait to see the full layouts!! Cute fireworks pics too!!

Julie said...

That quilt looks gorgeous, I cant believe it's your first one and you've completed it in 8 days. I'm sure it will look beautiful in Emily's new bedroom.
Cant wait to see your layouts.
Have a great weekend - Ju x

Sian said...

I'm loving all the trees on your quilt - it looks beautiful!

S said...

That's a fabulous quilt! And aren't you fabulous for getting it done so quickly too.