November 04, 2011

**So much fun!**

*Jumping up and down* I want to do it again! I am referring to my fantastic crop weekend away with V.J and Carrie, there was chocolate consumption, alcohol, giggles and of course scrapbooking! I think we may just have to make this an annual thing ay girls *wink*

We set off on our road trip and got temporarily restrained in traffic but we didn't let that get us down and continued with the giggles and chatting excitedly..... the first stop was Sainsbury's {other large stores are available - Lol!} where we carefully planned food and drink to see us through. I think we were all rather impressed at our resourcefulness {is that even a word?} as we managed to stock up for around £11 each!

It wasn't long before we were straight into scrapping.....and a little drinking!

The progress before heading to bed on Friday night!
After a much needed breakfast we headed to this lovely place:

.......More scrapping until late into the night (check out V.J's nice and tidy crop space compared to ours!).

I managed to get my LSNED 2011 finished at the crop as well as some other pages which I will post later - you can find LSNED 11--------> HERE.

Now I'm off to sort myself out for fireworks.....Night all x



Katie said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend :-) Well done on finishing the LSNED album! I'm just off to Flickr to have a look :-)

jennifer said...

Wow, looks like you had a fantastic time, I'm jealous. I've never even been to an evening / day crop, let alone a whole weekend! Must have been a lovely break.

Your LSNED album looks great, I've just finished mine too, so now I'm allowed to get ready for JYC! x

Miss Smith said...

Album looking fab, and so jealous of the crop!

Melissa said...

It certainly sounds like it was a fun road trip & crop - so glad you had a great time!