October 28, 2011

**Shiny cobwebs**

Halloween is fast approaching however there isn't a trace of it around the house - unlike last year! I was on maternity leave with Emily and so we had a lot of extra time to make ghost garlands, pipe cleaner spiders and glittery spiderwebs! (see posts here, here and here) I really wanted to add more this year but so far I haven't even managed to put up last years bits and I'm not even sure I will now as I am away all weekend and I don't think Steve will really be that fussed! I am going to try and do some pumpkin carving if I have time on Monday after work.... if not I will have to put extra efforts into Christmas bits!

♥ ♥ ♥

This is the other project I was trying to share the other night, It is also for Emily's bedroom:

I used the Martha Stewart classic butterfly punch and the Martha Stewart punch over the page butterfly, then stuck the middles down with double sided tape and finally hand sewing the middles to create a different effect. They are slightly 3D although it is hard to tell in these pics.

Other sewing type projects include:

I made them one each from fabric and felt for their bedroom doors.... and then I got really excited about Christmas and made these cute fellas......

I love them! I think I am going to make a full size one next as well as the numerous other projects on the list! I've sewn red ribbon onto each end so that they can be hung/tied/pinned from practically any surface! I can't wait to hang them up!

.......and last but not least before I make a final check on my crop bag for the weekend.....My current Halloween nails:

They are Matt Black with Glossy Black spider webs on....Spooktastic!



Jo.C said...

Wow - I don't know what to comment upon first - I love them all. Mind you the butterflies, nails and gingerbread are particularly fab x

scrappyjacky said...

No wonder you haven't had time for Halloween,Rachel....so many gorgeous 'makes'....I love them all.

furrypig said...

Rachel you have been so busy! I especially love those gingerbread men I would buy them! Also love the butterflies (echo of the cute cushion!) you are being so creative I am impressed xxx

humel said...

Lovely, lovely projects - and amazing nails! I love your gingerbread men, might have to try something like that myself :) And the butterflies, they're so pretty!

Miss Smith said...

These projects are brilliant! You've just given me tons of Christmas present ideas and now I clearly need to practising.

P.S. Love the gingerbread men :D

jennifer said...

Wow, fantastic projects, especially the gingerbread men, I've made a single one before but never thought of making a chain, brilliant!

I just received the classic butterfly punch today, love the framed picture of them. x