October 25, 2011

**Dear diary**

Man I am bad at blogging this year! 
There is so much to tell you - again. My laptop is miraculously working *genius thing fixed itself!* after not working for what feels like 10 years but in fact is only a few weeks - actually lost track of specifics though. Mummy brain is increasingly taking over and some days I wonder how I make myself a cup of coffee without poisoning myself.... or worse, adding the kiddies juice! I know they are older now, Adam is 3 and Emily is...... *pausing to work it out in months* 17 months old but it still seems that I am loosing brain cells at a rate of knots!

It's funny that if I was asked a question relating to Adam's age, weight, immunisations etc I could reel off every detail about him.... but somehow I can't even remember what Emily had for dinner yesterday and I feel awful not knowing these facts straight off the top of my head but I guess that is whats happens after the 2nd is born.

So! Back tracking to September. Of course Adam turned 3, I had significantly more brain cells, a beauty show/exhibition was attended, Euros were purchased, planes {actually plane - singular!} were boarded and a hot country was welcoming. Yes we snuck away for a week without any hint of blogging - I'm not entirely sure how I managed that but I plan to share more day to day stuff from now on.... Ooh like the fact we have already booked next years hols - thought I had better share that before it slips out of my brain! But back to the topic in hand, we went to Tenerife for a week, we go to the North - Puerto de la Cruz and it was lovely and more importantly it was hot and I actually achieved tanage!! I have my sneaky suspicions why.... we didn't take the children! GASP! We had a week away to relax and so lying in the sun with out being hit with a juice cup and asked to go for a wee was bliss and I actually caught the sun! Of course I missed them a lot but we really needed a holiday and they are already booked to come with us in April. 

The next big thing is that Adam started school - well nursery! We waited until after our holiday and although he had a bumpy start he thoroughly enjoys it and has asked the last two days of the half term! He goes every day 8.45-11.45am and has formed a lovely bond with his key person - Emily! At first he refused to call her Emily {as we have one at home!} and insisted on calling her lady but it's all good now and he has to tell her everything.

That brings us almost up to date, over the weekend we decorated Adam's bedroom. We painted it Bright Yellow and he has an explosion of Thomas everywhere - quick literally, take a look!

He loves it and so far has spent a few hours a day playing up there, he likes the fact he can build a train set without Emily standing on it and breaking it!

Wow, this has been a long catch up, well done if you are still with me!

On the project front there has been a serious lack of paper craft but I have taken to sewing projects! I will share some of that tomorrow I think.......... Good night x



jennifer said...

Good to see you Rachel! You have been busy. I envy you the kiddie free holiday - might have to attempt this next year - at least a weekend!

I'm the same about remembering facts about child number two - I can never remember how old baby is or how much he weighs - I've even spelt his name wrong a few times! So don't worry it's not just you!

Can't wait to see the sewing projects. x

debs14 said...

It's good to have you back Rachel! Sounds like you have had a very busy summer.
Pleased to hear that school is going well, and looking forward to seeing the next blog update very soon!

scrappyjacky said...

Good to hear from you,Rachel.You sound busy,busy,busy.
When...if... you get to a child no.3....not only don't you remember any facts about them.....including sometimes their name....you have hardly any photos of them either!!!!!
Love Adam's new bedroom.

humel said...

What a bright and cheerful bedroom :) How lovely to hear from you, it does indeed sound like you've had a busy time of it; lots of happy things though :)