September 19, 2011

**My grown up boy**

Adam enjoyed his third birthday and had a lot of fun opening presents! He was so sweet all day and every time someone gave him a present he looked amazed that it was for him.

Adams Aunties & Uncles and Nannies & grandads came round for a little tea party and he proudly showed off his Gordon cake that mummy made.

When I made the cake, Adam quietly sat and watched and then when it was finished he said 'I love you Gordon!'

He smiled the whole way through 'happy birthday to Adam!' and then had to blow out his candles 3 times. I didn't think we were going to be aloud to cut the cake but I started from the back so that he could still see Gordon's face!!

Thankfully he has forgotten about his Gordon cake now because it is all gone!



scrappyjacky said...

What a clever mummy.....the cake is gorgeous,Rachel....glad he had such a lovely birthday.

Sian said...

happy Birthday Adam! That cake is stunning!! My lad would have done anything for a Thomas cake like that when he was three. You should think about taking orders..

(It's okay, I know you have enough on your plate really as it is!)

Amy said...

There's a boy over here who would have LOVED a Gordon cake too - what a fantastic job you have done Rachel, really, excellent!

Katie said...

Awesome cake! And Happy Birthday Adam!

Melissa said...

What a cutie he is - sounds like a wonderful birthday. And GREAT JOB on that cake, no wonder he didn't want to cut it.

Michelle said...

Amazing cake! Ur fab!

jennifer said...

Great cake, what a fab mummy you are! Luckily I have a MIL who like baking bday cakes, as I'm useless with icing - possibly because I don't like eating it much myself, so can't be bothered to put the effort in!

Gordon looks very happy!

Cheryl said...

wow what an amzing cake and I bet a very happy little boy x