September 14, 2011

** LSNED Update**

Lots to tell! However, I am going to share my LSNED pages first as I have to go to work soon.

Lesson 6: I'm not as organised as I used to be! I just keep realising this again and again! Oops!

Lesson 7: Today I relearnt I'm rubbish at keeping spare inks! You all know how rubbish I am at that!

Lesson 8: Breaks need to be booked they don't just appear!

Lesson 9: Kiddies may just surprise you! Adam is starting nursery soon and we went to meet everybody and play for a little while before he starts. I thought he would be very quiet and shy {as he is around most new people} but he proved me wrong and dove straight in - he didn't want to come home actually! Phew!

Lesson 10: Gordon has a lot of wheels! I discovered this whilst making Adam's birthday cake! {Will share later}

Lesson 11: 3 year olds take minutes to open their presents! As oppose to last year where he took 2 hours! I though this was a fun page to do as it featured in last years LSNED.

Lesson 12: ...and everywhere that Adam went the balloons were sure to follow. They went everywhere with him!

Ok, so today is short and sweet as I must dash but I will be back soon with birthday tales and pics!



scrappyjacky said...

I just love how this is developing,Rachel.

Sian said...

Rachel, your pages are gorgeous! I love the colour scheme so much I think I'd like to swap my pages for yours lol.

Louise said...

gorgeous pages and great lessons! My three only ever played with the balloons on their birthdays - could have saved meself a fortune lol!!

debs14 said...

You've been so busy! Great pages and I agree with Sian, the colour scheme is fantastic.

Amy said...

lol! At the Gordon comment - I know what you mean!

I also really like your colour scheme this year, it is really beautiful and elegant but still whimsical and fun!

Zitronenfalter said...

I absolutley LOVE you LSNED-Pages!
so cute!

LG Lilith