September 04, 2011

*Hey Guys!*

There's nothing like a new class to give that well needed kick up the proverbial!!
PLEASE excuse the embarrassingly long delay - there is sooo much to share and I just don't know where to begin!

Maybe LSNED is a good place to start?

This is my Third year of Learn Something New EveryDay, I couldn't just let it go without joining in - especially as it is Adam's Birthday month.....3 in 8 days! Where does the time go????? So...naturally he is the new blog header! Pictures aged 1, 2.. then nearly three {taken this week}

Sooo, I decided on a different size this year. 2009 I developed a 6x6 album with my shiny new bind-it-all, 2010 I opted for a 6x4 chipboard album and this year I decided I needed something uber quick to create each day {more stories and explanations later}, therefore I have made a 4x3 album from chipboard and book rings.

I loved last years style so much that I have replicated it but it is half the size. I have 15 kraft envelopes for the pages, each side will scrapped each day and inside there are two kraft journaling cards. I haven't decided whether I will purposely take a photo each day but if I do they will be printed at the end of the month.

Lesson 1: I will be missed more than I thought. This isn't a morbid lesson! It is to do with work and new ventures {story for another day - arghh, keep you in suspense!}

Lesson 2: It's the little things that really make you the happiest. We took Adam on the light railway and I actually thought he would burst with excitement. It was so lovely to see the look on his face - ALL DAY!

Lesson 3: I really should check first! This is about the forum for the class. I didn't check until day 3 and then realised the beautiful printables Shimelle has given us match perfectly with my colour scheme....then I wanted to redo days 1 & 2 - but I didn't!

Lesson 4: You can make a game out of anything! {Picture to follow} Adam decided to make a bridge out of Emily's nappies and kept himself amused for ages!

Ok, that's it for tonight. I have a front room to tidy as The little people have trashed it today!!
I will be back soon - PROMISE!
Night all


Melissa said...

So great to "see" you Rachel and your album is fabulous already! And I like the new blog header - perfect for the birthday month.

Katie said...

So good to see you back! Love your LSNED album - I failed after day 1 - oh well!

jennifer said...

Ooh, nice to see you, I was wondering what you were up to! Your album looks fab, love the butterflies. Adam is looking so grown up! Love the fact he made a bridge with nappies. My daughter does stuff like that a lot too! X

Sian said...

It's great to see you back Rachel! I found you through the LSNED forum though, not my Google Reader - you haven't appeared in it. I wonder why? Great to see you all the same

Carrie said...

yay - welcome back!! Love the new header and the album so far is great! I also did not have your post come up in Reader - very odd! x

scrappyjacky said...

Great to see you,Rachel..and love how you're doing the album.

Gem's Crafts said...

Great to see you back, love the start to your LSNED book :)

S said...

Cute album - enjoy all your learning this month.