June 19, 2011

*A town tradition*

In our small town there is a carnival day/fete that happens once a year and has been a tradition for about 142 years {minus breaks for world wars}. I have gone every year ever since I can remember and Saturday was probably one of the best since I was a child.

Adam wasn't sure about the rides at first and was quite nervous on Thomas - even with mummy there! 

There was a huge fire truck in the events section, part of the guy's act was to pirouette {his word, not mine} around his son and then try and pop a balloon by landing on it - the balloon was on a stick under his son's foot!

Don't worry, it went OK!

I couldn't resist the Eat, drink and carry on sign!

Adam finally found some courage and then we couldn't keep him away from all of the rides!

Some family and friends {not for me *queasy face*} went on the cage - mad people!

The kiddies sat and watched the waltzers spin round and round - Adam was fascinated ♥

After we headed back to my sister-in-law's house for a barbeque and some Pimm's-o-clock! Before heading back again. Steve went on the bumpers cars with our brother-in-law whilst Adam lauged his head off. Everytime they drove into each other Adam shouted 'crash!'

After we left to take the kiddies home the firework display started, luckily we can see them from our back garden and I managed to get some piccys

...this one is my fave:

All in all it was a fab day filled with memories - including this little gem that I have only just remembered!

In the morning it was raining and Adam asked me if he could go outside. I explained that it was very wet and that he would get soaked as it was raining....he paused and said 'towel please mummy, Adam do it, Adam dry the garden mummy!'

Night all


Amy said...

What a good boy to do all the garden drying for Mummy!
Ours love the town fair too ... that truck would have been a huge hit with someone over here!

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like you all had great fun,Rachel.

jennifer said...

Looks like a fun day out! I also can not go on rides like the cage, they make me feel ill just to look at them! I'm glad Adam enjoyed the rides, my daughter is still scared of rides, even the little cars that you get outside supermarkets! x

Sian said...

Wow, this looks like a fantastic day out! That's Thomas the Tank Engine I spy in that top photo isn'r it?

furrypig said...

what a wonderful day! I love all the pics of Adam enjoying the rides and watching everything and what a sweet story at the end! My DS does take a towel into the garden to dry off the trampoline I am not usually amused tho!

Louise said...

oooh you've brought back some childhood memories, we used to have a carnival each year and we'd watch the floats go by before spending an absolute fortune in the fair. Those were some of the best days!! looks like the sun was shinning for your day too xx

humel said...

That looks like a lot of fun - and oh, isn't that the cutest thing to say!! :)

Cheryl said...

Looks like you all had a fab time x

Abi said...

wow looks like you had a lot of fun- great firework pics too.

Denise said...

fantastic photos and great for layouts soon- so lovely to remember these days as they grow up :-)