June 09, 2011

*Sketches and cars!*

 The students returned after half term this week and usual for this time of year - they start panicking that they are not going to finish. They have three more weeks left of college and will now spend those weeks waving bits of paper at you and demanding signatures in a 100 places in their portfolios etc etc... so with all of that going on, it's gets a little stressful.

Today was not any different and I left work with a headache that I could sense would turn into a migraine - I was right! On the way home from work {about 10-15 minutes from my house but still too far to walk} the car broke down! So there I was in the sunshine, with a headache/migraine, wanting to throw up with cars rushing past me {I wasn't in the car, I had got out by then}.

I was rescued by Steve and my dad and when I got in  I had to go straight to bed to sleep off my head!
What a day!



JulieJ said...

Hope your head's better. I remember that fountain in Central Park. Turn round, walk back a way and you're on that wide boulevard from The Rain Man.
Love that place - it's like 'spot the movie set'.

Uhooi said...

Wow,, It works very nice and beautiful,,