June 25, 2011

*Photo of the week - baking buddies*

 When I discovered I was pregnant I started to think of all the things I would do with my baby - baking being one of them... we have had a couple of goes at it together but so far there has been far too much mess!

So Last Sunday when I saw a Thomas cake kit I was dubious - I brought it but expected it to stay in the cupboard for a little while...... I was totally wrong and while unpacking the shopping Adam caught a glimpse of it. Naturally, Adam was very excited an immediately wanted to open it {he didn't know what was inside, he just wanted to see more Thomas}.

10 minutes later the shopping had been put away and Adam was patiently sitting at the table waiting to start! He started off by placing the cases one by one in the tin, he did all of the mixing himself {apart from one final mix from mummy at the end}, he used a spoon to put the mix into the cases, mummy put them in the oven and then Adam patiently sat and watched them. In the oven. For 10 minutes!

After they had cooled down he even iced them himself and added the Thomas pictures *so proud*

Don't they look yummy?

Of course it was then time for official tasting!
Turned out to be quite a few photos for photo of the week - opps!


angelfish said...

Aww bless him! Especially the patiently waiting in front of the oven bit:)
How funny! The Word Verification is 'thomi'

Katie said...

So cute!

Sian said...

Aw! Memories are made of this kind of little thing aren't they?

Melissa said...

Cute cute photos Rachel. I baked cookies with the twins this month (6-yrs-old) but haven't had time to even look at the photos hardly. :>(

furrypig said...

looks like a perfect baking session! I love your finger nail wow looks like script!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

This is such a cute post, Rachel. It makes me sentimental about the days when I'd push a chair up to the counter for my girl to stand on to help with whatever I was cooking. The photos are so cute of your sweet little Adam "helping" in the kitchen.

Michelle said...

They look yummy! Awesome pics :)

humel said...

That's just fabulous :) And did they taste good? xx