June 02, 2011

*Bloggy break*

I took an unexpected break from blogging for my coursework. I buckled down to finish an assignment and before I knew it a few evenings had been absorbed into it and I had missed lots of blog town. I'm pleased to say it is all finished - I mean completely! After a long old four years I will be handing in my completed portfolio on Monday and to say a weight has been lifted is an understatement! Goodbye to the frustration, tears, brain ache and general numbness that comes with this type of thing. I fought through and BOY DOES IT FEEL GOOD!

So, life carried on around my typing madness and I did manage to take a break on Monday for our monthly crop, sadly though Emily was in no mood and decided that she needed lots of Mummy cuddles and therefore I completed one layout:

I used my new Glubers which I always want to call grubers! {Not really sure why!} and followed last weeks  sketch of the week from Shimelle. I turn it round and used two pics instead of three.

**** In other news, I am getting majorly excited at the countdown for scrapagogo! I have been sorting out bits and pieces and tomorrow I am going to separate 'potential page' items in preparation for Saturday's crop****

Ooh, nearly forgot. For my fellow knitters I will be updating the knitting section soon - I will let you know when! {Let's just say the giant knitting sticks are in use at present!!!}



Anonymous said...

Ur LO looks gr8! Congrats on completing ur work...I bet it feels amazing, what u gonna do with all ur spare time? Michelle {Im not anonymous my stupid blogger isnt working properly!} lol

Photographing Mom said...

Congrats on finishing your portfolio!!!

Cool layout!

jennifer said...

Lovely layout, great photos of you and your kiddies! I really love all the mixed font titles you're doing at the moment, they look cool. Well done on completing all the coursework! x

Katie said...

Gorgeous layout and congrats on the portfolio :-)

Louise said...

love all the borders punches on your layout, very pretty.

Sian said...

I think it's like Mr Gruber from the Paddington books!

Well done on that Portfolio, that's a lot of work you should be proud of :)

Anonymous said...

well done on finishing all your work what a great feeling of freedom! Your Lo is sooo cute and I love your hair! Sorry blogger won't let me sign in to post on your blog hugs from Furrypig xxx