June 03, 2011

*365 Friday*

This is what my craft room looked like this afternoon:

I have been madly prepping for the scrapagogo crop tomorrow in Surrey, I'm pleased to say it no longer looks like that! I have sorted out 10 packs of potential scrapbook pages. I'm not sure if that is too adventurous or not adventurous enough! Only time will tell!

...Moving onto 365: 

 21st - I brought a new compost heap collector type thing ;)
22nd - Adam decided to feed Emily
23rd - Adam fell asleep at the kitchen table
24th - Easter day

25th - Egg rolling day
26th - New lights for the drive
27th - Emily's breakfast giggles
28th - Emily stood up in her cot for the first time
29th - the royal wedding
30th - I started Shimelle's Beyond Blogging for scrapbookers class

I like the close up of the toast in this picture and the fact that Emily is sightly blurry

I finally got round to using these Doodlebugs rub ons and sticker title that I have had for over a year now.....

Right I'm off, up bright and early tomorrow x x


Melissa said...

Love that photo of Adam feeding Emily! Have fun scrapping - looking forward to seeing some layouts.

Miss Smith said...

I don't think 10 pages is too much - choice and variety are good! Looking forward to it!

Lovely pictures - she's so cute!

JulieJ said...

Love your page