May 14, 2011

*Photo of the Week*

On Monday I did some nail training for something called Minx, it is a vinyl wrap for fingers and toes  - a bit like a shrink wrap...It is amazing! You can get all different designs and it lasts a good 6 weeks on toes.
So this HAD to be my photo of the week:

{Amy, I'm not ignoring you. I am going to post a piccy of OPI shatter polish for you soon}

It has been a busy day, cake decorating, shopping for party food and of course celebrating little Miss Emily's first birthday:

...not sure why she is opening this present in the kitchen - I just followed her!
Wanna sneak peak of her birthday cake for tomorrows tea party?

That's enough!
I will post more later ;)
Night all


Amy said...

Miss Emily looks as though she is having a lovely time :-) Is the cake one you have made? It is looking very good!

I'll keep an eye out for the polish piccies :-)

Julie said...

Hiya Rachel, I hope your little Emily has a wonderful first birthday [It's my little Oscars 1st Birthday in 10 days, doesnt time fly by so quickly bless them]
Cant wait to see the complete cake - it looks great from the piccie.
Ju xx

Miss Smith said...

Oooh, I'm looking forward to the class - it's my first so I hope it works out :D

Those nails are awesome - I'm rubbish with nail polish, it always chips immediately.

JO SOWERBY said...

loving the nails, and is emily really 1 already. that year has flown by, have a gr8 party,
Jo xxx

Sally D said...

awww 1 !!! already????? blimey the time has seriously flown!!! Happy Birthday little Emily :O) , great photos, did you make the cake, it looks BRILL !! xxx

Sian said...

Happy Birthday Emily! I hope the party is enjoyed by all :)