May 03, 2011

*a bit of blogginess*

With two small children, a husband, a work load and the usual house many bloggy friends, I have to share my time evenly with all - including my love of scrapbooking, blogging, blog reading, taking photos and knitting.

A while ago I declared that I had 1500+ blog posts to read.....I did it! Well I have almost done it, I still have 149 to go, {which in comparison seems like such a small number now!} so I apologise if in those 149 posts-to-read is one {or 10!} of yours, as many fellow google readers will know reader sorts your posts into the most recent first and lately I have been reading the posts for the day and then I have been going back and reading through some older posts  - this causes me to miss things! this post, I feel awful for missing it...goodness knows what Kirsty thinks?! {very sorry Kirsty}

At the same time, I am very excited about winning this giveaway....and not only that I won another giveaway last night from Deb @ Paperturtle. I've gone from never winning a blog giveaway to finding I've won two!

Thank you Kirsty and Thank you Deb...
from a very excited


Gez said...

How exciting Rachel! I am so happy for you. Enjoy your prizes :)
Never worry about hopping by hun you take care..time is precious.. you've got little ones to nug.. & knitting!!
Have a great week.xxxx

Sian said...

Rachel, honestly I think everyone is in complete awe of the number of things you manage to pack into a day! There is no way anyone could possibly mind if you didn't get to the bottom of that Google Reader. Really.

The blog is looking SO good!

Carrie said...

Well Done on getting through them all - I think I would have cheated by now ... that "Mark All As Read" is occassionally a bit too tempting! I am always impressed at what you manage to find time for! Loving the new blog colours too :)

Cheryl said...

Congratulations to you for getting through all those bloggs where do you find the time? x