May 06, 2011

*365 Friday {with a twist}*

Happy Friday to you!
Before I forget I just wanted to mention that the cute journaling card on yesterday's layout is a printable freebie from - click on Shimelle's name to take you straight to the link :)

Onto some 365.....

Friday 18th March - Red nose day!
We didn't have red noses so opted for red baubles instead! {we still donated to Red nose day though}

19th - I finished knitting my butterfly gloves
20th - Emily laughing at Adam!
21st - The last ever day of baby porridge and baby milk!! It's big Girl milk now!
22nd - Adam thought this swimming life jacket was an actual jacket - until he couldn't move!
23rd - I began knitted my owl jumper
24th - Adam discovered a new toy...turn, turn, turn!

25th - Giant knitting needles! I still haven't done anything with these yet :(
26th - Decorating gingerbread men with Auntie Stacey
27th - We began potty training!
28th - Poorly boy :(
29th - Knitted progress
30th - Awww, Brother and sister love!
31st - Engrossed in the telly before bed! for the twist! To make 365 more scrappy I have made a layout that I wouldn't normally include in my Document 2011 {as that is what I do with my 365 photos}

I picked the potty training topic and decided to do a non-photo layout as I didn't really want a big potty on it, I tried making the picture black and white but it is still a big potty!

....this is a first for me - sharing personal journaling. I haven't done this in the past but it feels good!

Have you tried non-photo scrapping?


K said...

I havent tried a non-photo page yet, but I'm planning on doing one. I want to blog about my lil one getting soooo upset watching Walking with Dinosaurs, it was so very sweey & needs documenting but I have no photos for it, so the journalling will take centre (or off centre, to the side, etc etc) stage.

Miss Smith said...

This is such a LOVELY page, it's amazing! I've only done it once and I didn't expect to like no-photo pages but I agree it's a good chance to journal things you have no pictures for.

Beautiful layout.

Sian said...

Trust you to find a clever new twist on red noses!

Yes, I do no photo layouts quite often. This one is a cracker.

Gem's Crafts said...

What a lovely page, I have never scrapped without photos, but I might just give it a go :)

I love the way you're displaying your photos in this post too :)

Lorraine said...

Thank you for the link. I love the way you have alterd your photos to show the red nose! Thanks for stopping by my blog.