April 10, 2011

We have all gone potty!

Potty training that is! Adam has been ready to potty train for a little while, showing disgust at wearing a nappy and generally running away when I try and put one on! I purposely held off though until the weather was a bit warmer so that he could run around with no pants on..... well we have been at it for a few days now and have only had 1 accident - he stops playing, runs to the potty and then claps and shouts 'good boy Adam!' *just so you know he has used it*

We are getting on really well and the 1 accident was when I put *big boy* pants on him, he must have thought they were a nappy, so at the moment he is running around the house with no trousers etc on just using the potty as and when. I'm going to carry on like this for a few days and then try his pants again I think.

I'm learning too as I really do not know a lot about this, I put pull ups on him when we have to go out as it is still early days and we potty train at our house, my mums etc.. Oh and a nappy at night as he is definitely not ready for that yet!!!

Any suggestions gratefully received!!!!

Adam's stickers, one for every time he uses the potty

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Yesterday I managed to get a couple of hours to myself to scrapbook! Emily went for a nap and my mum came round a took Adam out for a bit, I managed three layouts as I kept rummaging through my patterned papers *really must sort them out again!*

This first layout is not my usual style so I'm still not so sure about it, the photo was from Messy play at the children's centre!!!

I've decided that my scrapping colours are blue, blue-green and browns. I seemed to prefer my layouts using these colours - like this one!

Another old picture -  from last Easter! Steve's family has a tradition of egg rolling, I blogged about it here!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Opps, it's a day late!
My photo of the week from the park on Friday:

Emily couldn't stop laughing and smiling which made Adam laugh - a lot!

Have a great Sunday everyone, we are off to a special little girls 1st Birthday party later


S said...

Good luck with Adam; I remember those days some 18 years or so ago. You definitely use blue and green and brown to advantage - these 3 layouts are proof positive. Nicely done.

JO SOWERBY said...

loving the new header rachel. that bunny is so cute, can u make me one please? heehee. i love the potty training story, i have loads of tips from a health visiting perspective if you want them. the sticker chart is gr8, also putting pingpong balls in the toilet when ur getting adam to wee in the loo as he has to aim at the balls. dont expect him to be dry at night until at least 4 years old if that helps. my friend used to drag the potty everywhere and make her child wee on it in the street. letting them run around and have fun training is good,hope it carries on as positively,
Jo xxx

Sian said...

I was going to suggest bribery - but I see you are ahead of me there! Funny, it was my boy who needed th encouragement and the bribery. When it was my girl's turn, she trained herself within 48 hours. That's women for you!

Katie said...

Good luck with the potty training!
Lovely layouts - love those big blue flowers.

Melissa said...

Great layouts! I really like the swing photo and the fact that they laughed so much - that is the best kind of fun. Good luck with the potty training, sounds like you are on the right track.

Maya said...

Congratulations to Adam and you! We are not there yet, so no advices from me.
Gorgeous layouts! I especially like the one with big blue flowers!

debs14 said...

Nature (and germs) decided when it was time to potty train my son, he caught chicken pox and had so many blisters in the nappy area, we had to let him run around pantless. But that week of enforced quarantine time stuck at home did the trick and he was soon dry day and night. Not that I would suggest you make Adam catch chicken pox!
Love that picture of the two of them on the swings, you can almost hear her giggling!

Amy said...

I love your layouts! Potty training is no easy deal! The two little ones in the swings is a great photo! Love this blog!!!

Margie S said...

Great layouts. I love those papers. The robots are adorable. Good luck with potty training. We've been through it all. And every kid is so different. It sounds like you are doing great so far. My one son also had accidents when he'd put on his pants w/o nappies, but after a couple of days to get used to the difference, he caught on. Maybe that's all your little guy needs. Part of potty training is accidents - it doesn't necessarily mean they aren't ready. They may just be learning. But you know best - really you do! Good luck with everything!

jennifer said...

We've just managed to get my daughter potty trained, still has the occasional accident when she's having too much fun playing though! But we did spend 3 days walking around london with no accidents so that was good! I'd say the main thing is to keep doing what you're doing - being positive and fun about it, but also just keep reminding him 'you've got big boy pants on now, so remember not to wee in them'! It shouldn't take too long for him to get the hang of it!

Love the layouts, especially the one with the big flowers, I like the long title on it too. I wish my mum lived close enough to give me a couple of scrapbooking hours! I haven't scrapped for tooooo long! x

Gez said...

Yeah! Well done Adam..sounds like he's got this potty business sorted! My little Tom was just the same showing disgust at wearing a nappy! The stickers sound a good idea..we did lots of cheering! All good fun!
Your LO's are outstanding as always Rachel. It's been lovely having a catch up with your blog. Keep up the good work..goodness you are one busy lady! Take care..xx off to follow your link..the egg rolling has caught my eye! Have a great weekend.xx