April 30, 2011

*Photo of the Week*

Can you believe it is Saturday again? Did you have a good Royal Friday fellow Brits? We had a nice day, watching the royal wedding then we went off to Steve's Brother and Sister-in-Law's house for a-bit-of-a-do where we ate Royal Rice! {Normal rice coloured Red, White and Blue, didn't get a picture as they think I am geeky enough!}
We played pictionary again after dinner and the Girls beat the boys, so the score is now 2-1 to the girls....get in! {Note to self....Scrapbook this!}

This week's POTW is from yesterday morning, Adam does not normally share his car...he is good with other toys but that is HIS car! Anyhoo, he decided to let Emily have a go and he had just as much fun as she did, pushing her around the living room shouting...READY....STEADY....GO!


I have been thinking a lot about my blog lately and it's purpose. I originally started my blog to share my love of scrapbooking and gradually over the past 2 and a half years it has changed considerably - Looking over old posts today confirmed that, with my style of writing changing as well as my scrapbooking. Although sadly over the last year it has become more of knitted projects and photos blog. So I am going to make some changes....after all it is a scrapbooking blog and that is my main hobbie besides what I do for a living.

The poll that appeared on my blog last week helped me to make a few decisions, the most popular features from the poll were Project Monday with 52.17% of the votes and Photo of the week. So I have decided to stop Knit day Thursday and change 365 Friday slightly {more on that later} The changes are going to occur next week, but I won't get rid of Knit day Thursday without showing my last completed project as I have been blogging about it! After that if you want to keep up with my knitted things you can find me on Ravelry or click in the tab above ♥


....So you may have noticed the new look? Many if you know that Red is my favourite colour, however when it comes to creativeness {that doesn't seem to include my house} I find I loose my muse with Red. So I decided to think of my blog in the same way I think when I scrapbook and this colour seems to be my creative muse, as soon as I changed to it all my creativeness felt like it was coming back...... Is that weird? Do you have a Creative colour?



JO SOWERBY said...

nooooooooooooooooooo i love knitting thursday, vote again,
Jo xxx

Gez said...

Rachel you are a very talented lady & I love seeing everything you create. I love the variety on your blog, it's always fresh & interesting & your photography is outstanding. Keep up the good work! Loving your blue :)
Have a great bank holiday weekend. Wasn't the Wedding fab yesterday, made you proud to be British :) Hugs, Gez.xx

Melissa said...

That is a great photo of the week - so much fun to document the little ones sharing & playing together! Your blog looks great - I enjoy seeing all your projects & photos.

debs14 said...

Isn't it good to give a blog and bit of a change around every now and again? I love the colour you have chosen today, and what a cute photo.

Sian said...

Your blog is looking great!

You know I love your knitting so I have a suggestion - what about a PAGE for your knitting so that scrapbookers didn't have to look at it if they didn't want to? I'd keep on looking of course!

scrappyjacky said...

Just love that photo,Rachel...they both look so gorgeous in it.
I'm another who loves your knitting projects....please don't get rid of them altogether!!!!!!!!

jennifer said...

Awww, they look so cute! I'm glad Adam let his sister have a go on the treasured car! I often wonder which toys my daughter will be overly possessive about when the new baby arrives!

I've mulled it over, and decided my creative colour is probably yellow. I don't necessarily make much yellow stuff, but it does often appear on cards and pages, and I love the colour being on the walls of my craft room. It's just so bright that it makes me feel positive and sunny, which is always a good mood for creativity isn't it?!