April 15, 2011

“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans”

bus·y (bz) adj. bus·i·er, bus·i·est
1. Engaged in activity, as work; occupied.
2. Sustaining much activity: a busy morning; a busy street.
3. Meddlesome; prying.
4. Being in use, as a telephone line.
5. Cluttered with detail to the point of being distracting: a busy design.

tr.v. bus·ied, bus·y·ing, bus·ies
To make busy; occupy: busied myself preparing my tax return.

Well I haven't been meddlesome! But it has been a bit of a busy week, hence the lack of blogging this week. A quick round up from Monday:

The last crop ended up being rescheduled to Monday after Adam was poorly, I managed to complete two layouts and then Emily decided that was enough! She started to become very clingy and upset....which I later found out was the start of a cold!

The crop layouts were the envelope page for March (document 2011)....

...and the feature page for March:

I'm not sure if any of my overseas bloggy friends have heard of this but every two years we have red nose day! It's a charity event to raise money for Africa, people do 'something funny for money' so we end up with people wearing pyjamas to work etc. We didn't go anywhere for red nose day but I did watch it on telly and gave to charity...

...this was just the three of us being silly for the occasion! After the crop on Monday I managed to finish off the March pages:

 Steve was off on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so we took the opportunity to weed the front garden, buy some new trees from Homebase, plant them and lay some slate in the flowerbeds *pics to follow*

....which brings us nicely to 365 Friday:

So continuing on from the end of Feb!

February 25th - I had my heavenly spa day
26th - Family dinner, Game time!
27th - I sorted out bags and bags of make up!!!
28th - Snowed under with paperwork for my course!!!
March 1st - New blog header for March
2nd - Knitting progress for the Menace of Beanotown!
3rd - It's getting warmer!

4th - Emily tried eating toast on her own
5th - A snuggle pic with Emily (black and white)
6th - I finished the Dennis mittens
7th - We went shopping and brought Adam some new glasses
8th - Pancake day!
9th - Back at the computer working again!
10th - Emily learnt to crawl!

11th - I finished knitting Dennis the Menace
12th - Emily said 'dada' for the first time.
13th - Emily's new car seat arrived.
14th - Crafty day to Hobbycraft with some crafty friends.
15th - I was observed during a nail art lesson.
16th - Steve's birthday
17th - New do!

Right I'm off, Emily is trying to pull my scrapbook albums off the shelf!!!


Michelle said...

Ur Document 2011 is looking fab :) Ur new hairdo is cool btw :)

Melissa said...

I really like the Red Nose layout - such fun cute photos. Congrats on getting so much done.

Lizzie said...

Lovely collection of photos - it will be so fab to look back on these in a few years' time and remember...

Hope all in the family are feeling well and happy again now!

Like your new hair-do - very posh!

humel said...

I can so relate to 'busy'.... But it's been good to catch up here :-) Love your layouts, and congrats to Adam on the potty training! SOunds like you're doing pretty much what we did - stickers, pull ups while out and about, and hang on with the night nappies till they tend to be dry most mornings (unless you're pretty sure they're dry till he wakes but he's being too lazy to take the nappy off and go to the bathroom, as was the case with The Boy....!) Most kids are dry in the day at a rather earlier age than they're dry at night, and quite a few are still in night nappies even when they start school, and it isn't a problem :-)

Katie said...

Loving your March feature especially the feature one with red noses :-)

furrypig said...

I haven't blogged this week except Sunday! Good to cach up with all your news. Your Red Nose Day LO is fab! I must learn how to take a b&w pic and make one bit coloured as it is very striking. Do you need photoshop for that as I don't have it? Or can you do it with Picnik or Picasa? Don't worry if you don't know it is something I need to find out sometime!! xxx

JO SOWERBY said...

cool post rachel. i cant believe emily has grown up so fast, seems like only yesterday you were announcing her arrival. love the new do, said that before i think. cant wait for april,
Jo xxx

S said...

I hadn't heard of red nose day - what a great idea.