April 02, 2011

Knitting walking sticks!

Ravelry is a great website/forum for knitters and crocheters *if that is actually a word*, I frequently search through patterns and in fact I think 99% of the projects I have made I have originally found there.

The next thing I want to make requires these:

They are huge, I photographed them next to a pencil so that you can compare the sizes! I knew they were going to be big but when they turned up I was amazed, I've never seen knitting needles that large before.

Now...... for another feature that has been missing in action:

Yes it is back! I have been snapping away a lot this week and managed to get this little beauty of the small people:

I love it..... and it doesn't matter that they are looking somewhere else. Definitely one to scrapbook!
Night all


Sian said...

No I've never seen any quite like that before either! I can't wait to see what you are going to use them for..

That's a very cute photo

Miss Smith said...

Cute pic - and I totally want to know what you're going to make now!

Raspberry Bunny said...

hello hello - i love ravelry as well I will have to look for you - I am dying to know what you are making with the giant needles lol

Melissa said...

That is DEFINITELY a scrapbooking photo - precious!

Gez said...

awe, FAB pic!

Goodness I haven't seen needles that big since I started knitting in the 80's & I made big loopy sweaters..looks like whatever you have planned will knit up quick! Have fun.xx

furrypig said...

looking forward to your wooley makes and loving the photo of your cute kiddies xxx

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Wow - those ARE some big knitting needles! Can't wait to see what you knit with them.

And the photo of your little ones is adorable!!! ♥

Carrie said...

Wow - they are impressive! Can't wait to see the project that needs them!
I decided to "borrow" your Photo of the Week feature when I read one of the new BFS prompts to try and get me to initiate a weekly post so I am so pleased to see it return here too! x

humel said...

Gorgeous piccie, and having read your posts in reverse I already know it made a gorgeous layout! I'm intrigued by the needles, you're such an accomplished knitter, I can't wait to see what it is you're making now! xx