April 04, 2011

the house is full of men!

Last night Wrestlemania was on box office! Steve is a fan of WWE and so naturally it was recorded, he planned to start watching it tonight after he put the small people to bed and gradually over the weekend various male family members and one of Steve's friends were added to this showing, with chips, dips and beer! So when I arrived home early from my evening class I decided to head straight for my little room of tranquility and I scrapped my heart out! I've had a very productive evening and through the little shouts of 'Ooh' and 'he's gonna get it now!' I have managed to create! It's a bit dark to take decent photos now so I will snap them later and share all.

   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Over the weekend, the little man had a play in my dad's garage.....he was covered in grease and oil but he seemed to love it!!!! *which Steve is very chuffed about, due to Adam normally wanting to wash his hands at every opportunity!*

This is pre-grease!

Ooh, I hope everyone had a fab mother's day and you were all thoroughly spoilt.....

Night all



Amy said...

Such a cute pic of your little man!!!
Looks like a fun weekend!!

K said...

Normally we have a house full to watch the WWE PPVs live, with chinese, beer, popcorn & anything else anyone brings. Its normally a night of movies, rude tube until the wrestling starts but as my other half couldnt get the next day off work he settled for watching it after work yesterday by himself, I was happily crafting :-D

Cute photos of your lil lad :)

Sian said...

I love what you've done to that second picture - it gives it such a great "mood"

humel said...

I'm glad you had reason to head off and scrap, having seen the results in your other post! xx