April 25, 2011

*The eggs have been rolled*

Happy Easter Monday everybody, I can't believe how quick the last two weeks have gone and that I am back to work tomorrow. Easter Sunday was a strange sort of a day for us, Steve was working so we rescheduled Eggrolling until today.

Adam thoroughly enjoyed it and laughed the entire time and Emily stared at everybody like they were crazy! The whole of the eggrolling was caught on video so I will try and upload it tomorrow along with my layouts from this mornings crop - busy day!

I have caught up with the prompts now for beyond blogging for scrapbookers, making small changes to my blog, keeping notebooks and tomorrow I will share and explain my scrapbook pages. So until then...

Night all



nikki said...

hello, lovely blog! found you through bbfs. i'm making changes to my blog too. or at least trying! computery stuff hurts my brain!

Melissa said...

So glad y'all enjoyed the egg rolling!

Sian said...

We always do egg rolling on Easter Monday -it's traditional here :)