April 24, 2011

*Checking emails*

When I log into my email account I go directly to my inbox to read the latest bits and that is it....I log off, I hardly ever check the junk mail or empty the deleted items. I'm ashamed that I do this and even more so after today!

I randomly decided to look at my junk mail folder and discovered an email from the lovely Louise *thank you so much Louise* to say that she had nominated me for a stylish blogger award....and I felt terrible that Hotmail had decided this email was junk and moved it! So from now on i will check more often!

My May sunshine is Louise's blog and it's pretty stylish itself! Go check it out :)



JO SOWERBY said...

congrats and thanx for the rabbit headsup,
Jo xxx

Gez said...

Congratulations Rachel. Hope you've had a lovely Easter :)

Sian said...

Lucky you found that one then! Well deserved it is too. I'm hoping you had a lovely Easter too x

Michelle said...

Congrats! U deserve it!!!! U have a fab blog :)