April 23, 2011

Back from holiday - with a question

Trust me to go away just when a new class starts!!
We had a lovely few days away in the glorious weather, eating far too much, as you do when you are away! Anyway........


Hello to friends old and new, this is my little space of the web where I share my projects and other bits about life. I started sharing scrapbooking layouts to begin with and then began gradually adding other projects, hobbies and classes..... If you are new to my little area of rambling and sharing then the *rough* usual schedule is:

♥ Project Monday: Sharing recent projects *mostly scrapbooking*

♥ Knit day Thursday: A peak as to what the knitting needles hold every Thursday *behind with this at the moment - eek*

♥ 365 Friday: Shares the photos from my 'photo a day'

♥ Photo of the week (Saturday's): My favourite photo from the week.

If you want to check out any of the past posts for these features just click on the icons to the right of the screen and they will appear!

....Now a little question for my friends that follow:

I would be so grateful if you can please participate in my poll in the sidebar, you can select as many answers as you like and the poll closes on 30th April at midnight. It will remain in the sidebar until the closing date.

♥ Thank you ♥

I will be back later with my photo of the week, I need to upload all of my pics from my camera :)


Lizzie said...

Glad you had a lovely time on holiday. Welcome home!
I'll do your poll in a minute, promise... Just saw the Wednesday photo - it's rather a nice one - you should scrap the little story behind that photo - something different for a change?

Lizzie said...

Hee hee.. I just did your poll - I'm first, but didn't realise at first and thought "gosh, everyone likes the same thing most of all...I hope Rachel isn't upset about that!" Then realised mine is the Only answer... duh!

Also have just joined your "follow" list. However I have been reading your blog for 18 months, without being a "follower" I don't know.. I always come straight from my "friends" list in my sidebar, so I suppose that's why... Anyway, you now have an extra official "follower"!

Happy Easter!

Miss Smith said...

Poll taken! I love the photos you have for each little section, by the way. A fab way to set up your blog.

scrappyjacky said...

Found the poll a bit difficult....as I don't really have a favourite....just love your blog.

Melissa said...

So glad you had a nice holiday!

Sian said...

I'm off to vote right now, but I can say right now that I enjoy all of it! Happy Easter Rachel

furrypig said...

I think here should have been a 'love it all' choice! I always enjoy reading your blog Rachel and i have also just come back from an Easter break so am behind in class!! We'll catch up together!

JO SOWERBY said...

glad u had a gr8 holiday. i have voted and found it hard to pick one choice as i really love all the options. i chose knitting though in the end cos i like to see whats on ur needles. where did u get the pattern for mrs bunny on ur header?
looking forward to seeing some eggcelant pics over the bank holiday, happy easter,
Jo xxx

Michelle said...

U should of had an 'ALL' option! lol Fabby blog!