March 01, 2011

March already?

Where is the time going?

I started on a mission last week to catch up, I didn't expect to fully achieve this so I'm glad I didn't disappoint myself! I did manage to get my blog reader from 1000+ to 545........ I'm still going!

Last night I went to my evening class and as it is the last module so they have upped the anti! We now have a TON of work to do so I'm not celebrating just yet about clearing a chunk of blog posts  - I'm still going to try and make the time to read at least 10-15 a day if not more so I won't feel as bad then.

There is excitement in the house today as the Sky HD box arrived so Steve keeps flicking through all the channels and comparing them - must be a guy thing! Now we need to stock up on Thomas, Mickey the Mouse and Dennis & Gnasher, these are the programmes we store for a rainy day! Thank goodness Adam isn't old enough to realise they were all on the old box and are now all gone!


scrappyjacky said...

I think it must be a guy thing as well....I can hardly tell the difference!!

Sian said...

Definitely a guy thing. But why?? Why do they feel the need to do it??!

I love the fresh spring look of your new header!

S said...

It's also a guy thing that there will inevitably be a game of some kind on when you want to watch an old movie! The Google reader can sure fill up fast, can't it. When mine gets to about 500 I just hit the "MARK ALL AS READ" button - it helps to close your eyes while you do it so you don't think about what you might miss.