March 31, 2011

It's all about the wool!

Shimelle has approached the topic of regular features today in bfs, as you know before I disappeared  off the face of blogland for a while I had quite a few regular features *may I draw your attention to the right* such as this little one:

I don't really know what has suddenly inspired me to knit Autumn/Winter wear but that seems to be the type of item appearing on the knitting sticks at the moment.

First there was Adam's Dennis the Menace gloves.

Then I decided to make these gorgeous gloves with my first ever attempt at cable. Yes CABLE!

I'm so excited about this as I've always been slightly scared about attempting cable - silly fear of the unknown!

......and now?? I am knitting a jumper!!! In Spring!!

Oh well, at least it will be ready for next Autumn/Winter!!!

Night all!


Melissa said...

Lovely gloves Rachel. I really like the soft blue color!

Amy said...

They're super cute, and they look so soft :-)

darkpoetess said...

they are really cute - lovely wintry colours too x

Sian said...

They are gorgeous! I love to see what you are knitting Rachel

S said...

Wonderfully done. They look cozy and oh so stylish!

humel said...

Oh, Rachel - these are *gorgeous!* I do envy your knitting ability :-)