February 11, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

2011 is turning into a very busy year already, which has really thrown me as I though the beginning of the year was supposed to be slow going?

Emily is teething at the moment and has had red cheeks and a temperature for a couple of days now, it's the front two peggies so she is suffering - the poor lamb. She can't even be bothered to play and is laying down just watching Adam throwing in the occasional smile now and again!

Adam has dropped his naps in the day - hence how busy I've been lately. It's amazing at the amount I used to do in those two hours: Cleaning, washing, scrapping, knitting, blogging, resting, drink coffee! You name it! So I am so very behind with a lot of things but never mind - I'm still not stressing! I'm just so very embarrassed at the amount of blogs I have to read, my blog reader currently stands at 1000+ posts to read! Oh the shame! I will get there eventually.....along with the housework and scrapping etc.

Let's have a bit of 365 to make it all better:

A double dose!

Friday 28th January - Adam and his big boy cup
Saturday 29th  - Adam and Emily chilling on the sofa
Sunday 30th - Adam sweeping!
Monday 31st - Crop time!
Tuesday 1st - New blog header for February
Wednesday 2nd - I finished making an Angry bird!
Thursday 3rd - My new crop case arrived!

Friday 4th - We watched Avatar sent to us from Lovefilm UK
Saturday 5th - Adam had a train morning!
Sunday 6th - I finished Brian!
Monday 7th - I fell over and ripped my new jeans, as well as hurting my back, hip, leg and knee! What a day!
Tuesday 8th - Tesco delivery arrived
Wednesday 9th - Emily's teeth are coming through again
Thursday 10th - I enjoyed a healthy option

As you can see I have manged to keep up with the crochet and I have finished an angry bird and Brian! I will post more pics later along with the current project............
Have a great evening


scrappyjacky said...

You certainly sound really busy,Rachel.Brian looks gorgeous.

debs14 said...

It's tiring just reading about it! You are certainly keeping busy and putting the rest of us to shame x

Kai said...

Life is fun isn't it? I recently wrote about what I did with my 1000+ Reader entries... :) Enjoy the moment!

Sian said...

You have so much going on - just mark them all as read. Nobody will mind a bit :)

We were given a sub to Lovefilm as a Christmas present - and we are really enjoying it.

humel said...

Oh, my! You do have a lot going on :-) Take as long as you need, hun xx

Lizzie said...

Poor you and poor Emily! J. stopped his nap for a while, until he started at Nursery in the mornings - then I had trouble keeping him awake long enough to feed him his lunch!
A friend recommended this homeopathic remedy for teething - she gave this to her baby and says that they truly had no problems with her teeth, once she was using this. Whether this would work for every baby, I don't know, but it may provide some relief for Emily - "Helios Biocombination 21 - Teething Problems" - (Calc. phos 3x / Ferr. phos 3x). Helios is the brand; the bit in brackets is what the remedy actually contains. A good health-food shop should stock this remedy - we have a couple of places locally where the staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. If they don't have a product, they can usually get it. If this medicine is as good as my friend claims (and I don't know why she would lie), it is worth finding!

I love your crochet toys - all three (including the cute pink one on your blog header). The Angry Bird is wonderful - I'll show it to DS, he'll love it!

Don't worry about the blog-reading build-up. Just start at the most recent point where you can cope and read a blog or two as you have time! We'll all still be here and in most cases it'll probably be obvious if you missed a big event!

Take care of that back/leg/hip, where you fell down. Tiger Balm is a great remedy for my sore kneck/back - my cousin bought me some and it's wonderful!

Nice to see you back in Blogland anyway - I'll watch out for more 365 updates, whenever!

BTW whatever is that fab paper you've used for your blog header's background? I love it!

JO SOWERBY said...

aw teething painful, it can take ages. keep up the good work rachel and im sure they'll come through quickly. sorry ur so busy but glad to see u have had sometime to make and take.
Jo xxxx