January 01, 2011

Welcome 2011!

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you had a good one. Steve was at work in the evening but came home around 8.30pm which wasn't too bad. I made a special meal and we had some wine to welcome in the new year in but at around 9.30pm we decided that we were shattered and went to bed to watch the fifth element! It has been a busy old week and I think it just took it's toll on us - we did manage to stay awake until about 11pm!

I didn't post POTW last week as it was already a manic day! As POTW runs from Saturday to Friday I can include a Christmas Day pic! This photo is really sweet and I am so happy to capture the expression on Adam's face as he opened and looked at his present: 

he really does love his OSO!

Sorry you must be sick of JYC by now but I'm afraid I have more!

Before I share my pages I just want to share another thing that my Craft robo does! I can't help but be excited every time I use it so Steve will be pleased that it is a useful present!

This turned into this:

Day 26

Day 27:

That's as far as I have got for the moment, I'm at a crop on Monday and hopefully I can catch up some more!

Oh BTW, what do you think of my new blog header and titles? I plan to change them monthly into something themed for that month - if I can keep it up! *That should be a resolution*
Night all


SarahLP said...

Hi rachel, love the changing blog header idea.. your photo of adam with oso is priceless! My boys love oso too... and we have that train track set - they play with it every day without fail.. Craft Robo looks great fun.. Happy New Year!

scrappyjacky said...

Great blog header.....I really need to think about changing mine.

Photographing Mom said...

That *almost* makes me want to try paper scrapbooking. Almost!

Love the new design. I try and change my blog with the months, too. But I cheat and use premade stuff. ;)

Jenna Upson said...

hi, Happy new year! Very jealous of your Craft Robo! think it may make an appearance on next years Xmas list.
Great idea to change header, i cant seem to be able to change mine x

Sian said...

That Robo is definitely going to earn its keep, isn't it?!

yes, I love the header and will be looking forward to seeing how it changes over the year

Melissa said...

I love the border on that page and the new blog header is great. Happy New Year!

Sally said...


I do like your new header... good plan for keeping it fresh!
Sorry i dont comment very often, i feel bad for that, I plan to comment more, i think its cos it s faff from ther iphone!! i must get on the laptop more!!!
You made me laugh being asleep early!!! I thought it was just me!!! LOL
Happy new year hun xxx

Amy said...

Happy New Year to you all Rachel :-) I love the header too and look forward to the changes you make through the year!

Abi said...

Happy new year! The photo is just adorable and I love the pages! Abi xx