January 09, 2011

Knitting, cards and conversations

I've managed to catch up on some projects again this evening and have completed my 2011 calendar! So now that my calendar is off of my to-do list I can hit the play button on JYC again. I have completed page 32 today (New years day) and will continue with that when I next get some scrappy time.

In the meantime I will share my thank you cards that I made:

I made them all the same with the exception of the reindeer colours - some were red and some were white. I am so pleased that I have managed to do this as I feel terrible when I am still handing out thank yous way after Christmas! With that in mind, I am going for a long walk tomorrow to deliver the last few.


Now on Thursday I didn't have any photographic evidence of actual knitting that has occurred...........

.................well now I do! I delivered them to Miss K and Miss D today.  

Miss K gave me specific instructions as she knew what she wanted. The conversation went something like this:

Miss K: Do you wanna see what I am making?
Me: Yes, show me what you are doing.
Miss K: It's a dolls house, see! I have made a baby's room too. I've made lots of furniture for it!
Me: Are you going to wallpaper it?
 *Silence then big pause*
(probably thought I was mad!)
Miss K: I want to make some blankets and cushions for the bedrooms but I'm not sure how to knit.
Me: Well I can knit, do you want me to make you something?
*Miss K's face lights up* YES PLEASE!
Miss D is now expressing an interest: Can I have a cushion too please?
Me: Of course you can, what exactly do you both want?
Miss K and Miss D at the same time: Can I have this size please? (hand gestures from each of them - they should have been twins!)
Me: *trying to process the information* Ok, well I can do that.
The girls: Shall we draw you pictures?
Me: *sigh of relief* Yes please, be sure to write colours down too for me please.

...and so they did!

This is what Miss K requested:

I added in some detail (like a true crafter!) with the buttons and little flower. I also made the little pink blanket bobbily.

Miss D's request:

I stitched white around the edge as an extra. I didn't want to do too much as Miss D was very specific that she didn't want stripes or patterns!

I really enjoyed making these for the girls and they ran straight upstairs (after saying thank you of course) to put the items into their doll house/cat house!

Night all



Melissa said...

Such cute knitting projects and those thank you cards are perfect!

Katie said...

Love the thank you cards and the little knitted blankets and pillows are very cute :-)

Amy said...

Now they are just far too cute for words - adorable! I love your thank you cards too :-)

Maya said...

Lucky little girls! :)
I LOVE the thank you cards! They are just adorable!

darkpoetess said...

happy new year! love your thank you cards for christmas :-) x

scrappyjacky said...

Gorgeous little 'knittings'....as are the cards.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Your cards are adorable, and those knitted doll pillows and blankets are just too cute! I especially love the sweet details you added to them. Well done! xo

Sian said...

Very, very cute! i am a BIG fan of dolls houses :)

humel said...

They're so cute!! (The girls, and the knitted items too lol!) Love the cards, too, they're very 'you' :-)