January 16, 2011

JYC catch up - Número Tres

You will be pleased to know that there will only be a part 4 to the JYC catch up posts, I thought I had already blogged New years eve but looking back I actually haven't!

Day 31:
 I wanted to keep this page simple......by just saying goodbye!

Day 32:
I have filled in my 2011 intentions now using my earlier blog post, again I wanted to keep it simple to encourage me to continue!!!!

Day 33:
I love this picture and I'm quite pleased with the layout too! On the back there is a journalling card and some more embellishments  - I forgot to photograph it!

I haven't decided yet but I might re-photograph the pages in daylight and put them in a slide show for easy access. What do you think? Have you had enough of JYC now?

Night all


scrappyjacky said...

I think a slide show would be lovely.

Melissa said...

I enjoy seeing your JYC pages and think a slideshow would be great. I still need to assemble my December mini-album and will do a post with the completed album, so I've still got another Christmas post to do too.

darkpoetess said...

like your new banner! (although I guess you're going to change it every month?) x

humel said...

I'd love to see a slideshow, too - it's great to have all the photos collected together in one place :-) They're fab individually, and extra fab gathered together! xx