January 21, 2011

Got that Friday feeling?

I've been busy preparing food today as tomorrow night it is our turn to host the family dinner, I have mentioned before that I'm not much of a cook but so far I have kept up with my 2011 intention of 'cook more' and I have done exactly that. I have made a few 'new dishes' for us and Steve is eager to get back in the kitchen and take over!
*So lucky to have a man that LOVES cooking!*

Tomorrow I am cooking - the whole meal! Usually I make all the desserts as Steve isn't really interested in cooking and baking the sweet stuff but this time I've been let loose with the stove!!!
*will let you know how the kitchen survives*

I ran out of time this week and didn't get round to putting overlays on my pics but I think it works well like this too:

Friday 14th - I met a friend for a costa in Tesco and I picked up a few goodies too!
Saturday 15th - Mmmmm, I made bread!
Sunday 16th - The end of JYC for me
Monday 17th - Steve's Blu-Ray player arrived (his purchase with his Christmas pennies)
Tuesday 18th - My school bags ready for a long afternoon/evening at work!
Wednesday 19th - I finished my Document 2010
Thursday 20th - I started my new project *more on that later*


....and here it is. The final part of Document 2010:

I decorated the front *bet you didn't expect it to be blue!*

...and the opening page:

Right I need to go and get the meat out for tomorrow,
Night all


humel said...

Good for you with the cooking, and the scrapping :-) I hope we'll get to hear all about the dinner, by the way? What's the menu? xx

Abi said...

love your LO's and really looking forward to seeing how that album progresses! xxx

Margie S said...

Great project! Looks fantastic. Simple yet so creative therefore do-able. Congratulations on completion. I am not always good at that part of a project!