January 10, 2011

Mrs BenJerry!

Good evening fellow bloggers/blog readers.

I have been known to share my love of Ben & Jerry's and the famous Cookie dough ice-cream which I find truly yummy but today I may just have stumbled across the best ice-cream I have ever tasted!!!!
Steve's mum makes fantabulous ice-cream with her ice-cream maker and recently brought a newer and bigger version of this marvelous contraption......Guess who got the old one!

I am a little ashamed to say that I have had it well over a month now without using it *it was a busy month though in my defense!*
Today I Steve randomly decided  it was time to make ice-cream! Luckily I had all of the ingredients to make his favourite - Chocolate, my choice of chocolate though apparently wasn't good enough for ice-cream (regular cooking chocolate) so he rushed out to find some Galaxy!
.........A couple of hours later and we were spooning large quantities of Galaxy ice-cream into Chinese take-away containers and putting them into the freezer and after dinner we indulged in our first bowlful........... pure heaven. What a good idea Galaxy was! I have decided to take on the roll of Mrs BenJerry and I am concocting flavours in my head as we speak! *Waving goodbye to my slim jeans*

Enough ice-cream talk! It's .....

I finished my 2011 calendar last night and it is hanging on the wall ready for the years events to be thrown at scribbled on written on it!

I have made my own calendar now for 4 years which has gone tremendously fast! I was first inspired by Shimelle to scrap monthly pages when I saw a layout in Scrapbook inspirations. Shimelle designed a layout about the month of May (back in 2007) I don't really remember many details about it other than it inspired me to do the same and so I set about creating layouts that resembled calendar pages. I started with May 2007 and scraped each month after it had happened through to December 2007.... then it suddenly struck me that if I made my own calendar for the year I could just add the events to it like in my diary but I could keep it in an album as it is something pretty to look at!

Well year after year it evolved and I still keep them all together, I never did put them into an album because that would mean pulling them apart! Instead they live in the cupboard and I look at them from time to time to see what we were doing in August 2009 or whenever!

I didn't own a blog at the time so 2008's calendar never made it to the World Wide Web, but here it is:

My how my scrapping style has changed! I will share it one of these days so that everyone can see the difference!

In 2009 I upgraded from ribbon to a bind-it-all but I obviously didn't know how to use it!

All of 2009 calendar pages can be found here:

......and last year? I worked out the bind-it-all and even had the official calendar hanger on it but forgot to make a hole in the top of each page so that you can turn the pages easily!

All of 2010's calendar pages can be found here:

And this is 2011........

and hanging in my kitchen...............

Night all


humel said...

Oh, it's adorable! And be careful with the ice cream lol - it's too easy to make big batches and then realise that you HAVE to eat them to make space in the freezer, and then make some more, and so it goes on.... Bye bye skinny jeans indeed!!

Melissa said...

Oh my that is a wonderful calendars. You'll enjoy those photos each month of the year. How awesome that you've made your own for several years now. Great keepsakes to remember what you were doing through the years.

Carrie said...

I am very impressed, its gorgeous - I still haven't made my 2011 calendar but I have hopes that I will get it done before January is over! I am also jealous of the ice cream maker - I would love one but cannot find space for anymore gadgets in my poor overstuffed kitchen, so round yours for samples instead then?! :D x

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Well this is just TOO CUTE. I love it. The picture you used on January's page is my favorite, although all of your pages are great. I know you will enjoy using this calendar in the upcoming year! xo

Katie said...

that ice-cream sounds delicious :-)
love your calendars! I think I'll start this year collating photos ready for a 2012 calendar!

Amy said...

I've thought about making a calendar sveral times but am yet to take the plunge - yours all look really lovely and great photographic reminders!
Homemade ice cream sounds delicious ... but, I can't come at Ben and Jerrys - I think i must be odd!

Liberty :) said...

gorgeous calendar - how long did it take you to do? i am a sucker for ben and jerrys!

Jenna Upson said...

WOW i LOVE LOVE LOVE your calendar! so beautiful and personal for your home. p.s its all about Caramel Choo choo actually x

Sian said...

Great post! I love your calendar pages.

And Mrs BenJerry? you are welcome round here anytime..

Sarah said...

Lovely calendar! Great idea!!! The ice cream sounds delish too! x

Cal said...

Lovely lovely calendars x