January 17, 2011

The final installment of JYC 2010

The fourth installment of JYC! I'm still contemplating the slide show idea, will let you know!

Day 34:
Adam has always been fascinated with lights and so Christmas this year was particularly interesting! He NEVER got tired of the tree lights being turned on & every day he would jump in the air shouting 'mummy, lights!' whilst pointing at the tree! This happened for the full 35 days that the tree was up!!!

Day 35:
My list is quite straight forward with the top point being the most important! Next Christmas I will be working and really must remember this...... 

Day 36:
The decorations came down on the fourth - much to Adam's disgust!! I think he is going to be a Christmas nut just like his mum!!!

Day 37:

I didn't want to add anymore words to this page as I think it sums it up nicely.

....and so here is the final album:

I really must learn not to use big embellishments in an album of this size!!!!

Night all


scrappyjacky said...

And such a wonderful album it is too....have so enjoyed following you make this,Rachel....look forward to next year's one!

Melissa said...

Great album! Congrats on completing it in the midst of returning to work and every day life!

Katie said...

Beautiful album! Congrats on finishing it :-)

Liberty :) said...

gorgeous congrats on finishing it! it is super duper fat!! I've loved your album, your style is fabulous xx

Sian said...

A beautiful album - so when do the preparations for December 2011 start, then?

Jenna Upson said...

Fab! I love the finished album!xx

humel said...

I do so love your scrapbooking style, and I've followed this project with a lot of interest :-) It's so beautiful!

Can I just ask where you got the bingo card from? I love these cards, and am looking out for a good UK stockist - thank you! xx

Michelle said...

I've loved looking through your album x Thanks for stopping by my blog too! I love your style :)