January 03, 2011

A bit of to-do!

I don't make new years resolutions as they feel so strict, regimented and final to me.....then of course I feel SO bad if I don't manage to keep them! So I prefer to call them intentions.

My intentions for 2011 are:

1. Start eating healthily again
2. Relax more when it comes to work *and try not to bring too much home with me*
3. Cook more! *Lol, this is my intention every year! See what I mean about my 'resolutuons'*
4. Continue with Project 365 and do weekly bloggy posts
5. Start Document 2011, I have really enjoyed doing Document 2010 - even though I still have November and December to do! It's great that I have documented things that I wouldn't normally scrapbook about.
6. Make time to go to a monthly crop *already in hand!*
7. Take more pictures of everyday life! You may laugh at this as I currently take LOTS of pictures! But I want to capture more as there is so much that I miss out on still!
8. Try not to take on too much at the same time! I never learn with this as there is so much I always want to do and try.
9. Buy carpet for the Hall/Landing!
10. Start my house album!!! *More on that later*

I think that should just about do it for the moment! Lets move on to

Project Monday!

Project Monday is JYC orientated again! I had a successful time at the crop today with VJ and Carrie and got through more than I anticipated!

Day 28:

The daily pic:

My Indulgences:
For the last couple of years I have had a bit of obsession with Starbucks, I was obsessed with coffee anyway but this made it even better. Our Local Tesco opened up a Starbucks coffee shop which meant I made a 5 minute detour on the way to work before I left! But sadly it has been replaced with a Costa - which I also like but Starbucks is my fave!!!!

I HAVE to go to Starbucks when they bring out the red cups and I always buy a takeaway just so I can keep the paper cup - to scrap with of course, although I didn't with last years!

Day 29:
 I had already done my cover so I went with our Christmas Day Take 4! On the 29th all the family (on my mother's side) met up for a Christmas shindig! Adam received some more trains and didn't put them down all day! *I plan to journal later*

Day 30:
 Our year:

I plan to take more pictures of these as I kinda lost the light a little, It was there for the previous pages then just suddenly vanished!

Well I'm off to ponder, I have a lot to think about as I return to work on Thursday after 9 months off on maternity leave. I must admit I am a little anxious as it seems a lot has changed in the time I've been absent. The content for the Beauty Therapy Qualification has changed so I have new standards to get my head around not to mention that I will be meeting new students that have already settled in to the college so It's me that is now the newbie (to them anyway) Aarghhhhh! I'm sure it will sort itself out soon enough - Once I've gone grey then bald!

Night all


Liberty :) said...

Yours is one of my favourite JYC christmas albums - if not my very favourite! Brilliant and inspirational! looking forward to your 2011 posts! I started my "house album"!!! after feeling overwhelmed by so many photos of progress I didn't know where to start or what stories to tell but I got a lot of AC Abode and the new housey Doodlebug line for Christmas and just started scrapping random house photos and bits of stories and have about 8 pages done now! I will share soon!

Melissa said...

Great intentions for 2011; I'm totally with you on the healthy eating. Posted some of scrappin' goals on my blog today. Wow, I bet it will seem different returning to work after all that time off, hope all goes well!

Cal said...

Great intentions! You are doing better than me with doc 2010 - I have october onwards to do!!!

Deb said...

Well done on the list, Rachel! I just posted mine today too. :o)

BTW, I was thinking how much I loved your Starbucks page and then I popped out of Google Reader to leave you a comment and noticed the same color scheme in your blog banner. I love it!!!

All the best to you and keeping up with your intentions in 2011!

Amy said...

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with my house photos - infact, I could 365 on that topic alone!

Good luck with the return to work situation, once you get into a new routine everything will be fine - you have a passion for your job so all will be ok!

Jenna Upson said...

Hi, good luck with your new year intentions! Love your pages!

Sian said...

Good luck with your intentions AND with your return to work Rachel!

jennifer said...

Your JYC looks fab. I really love the review of your year with 12 little photos, I think I'll have to do that one!

I like your 2011 intentions, one of mine is to not take on too much at once. I was a very busy, frazzled lady last year! Good luck heading back to work tomorrow. xx