January 28, 2011

Bad blogger!

I don't appear to be doing too well in January do I? I can't believe I haven't blogged since Sunday!!! I have had a lot of school work and homework for my course too and last night I had such a bad headache that I was in bed by 9.30pm
*Gosh, I just read that back and it sounds like I am making lots of excuses!*

So as I have been a tad naughty here is a bit of a catch up!

Monday I  was supposed to share some of my projects but I haven't actually done anything to share - opps!

....However it's a tad different on the knitting front....or should I say crochet?

I love this adorable little valentines monster.....

.....and I had to give this a go as I thought it was quite funny!

They were really quick projects and I think the next one will be too - it's another crochet project and I will reveal it's progress next Thursday.

Onto the weeks pics:

Friday 21st - I made my millionaires pie/cake *recipe to follow shortly*
Saturday 22nd - Dinner was a success, look at all those bottles!
Sunday 23rd - Emily in her new 'grow'
Monday 24th - I finished my valentines monster
Tuesday 25th - I enjoyed a delicious White chocolate and Raspberry hot chocolate - yum! *Thanks Stace* 
Wednesday 26th - Adam had his 2 year check at the children's centre and they gave him a book bag full of lovely books.
Thursday 27th - I finished making Stewie!

Hopefully I manage to blog on time next week, I know I can schedule posts but I prefer typing on the day and adding my random thoughts at the time.....Because let's face it, I am quite random!
Night all



scrappyjacky said...

Cute crocheting,Rachel.....and I think being back at work is a very good reason for less blogging.

Melissa said...

I always enjoying seeing your weekly photos! Don't worry about blogging or put pressure on yourself, it's supposed to be a fun, creative outlet, right? Enjoy life as it happens and blog and let us know about it when you can! :>)

Gez said...

Great makes Rachel. Glad to hear you are okay. Have a great weekend. Gez.xx

Amy said...

Hey, if you are bad, then I am shameful!
It's been a great catch-up here today and I love the little knitted pieces :-)

Katie said...

Love the valentines monster! Hope you're feeling better :-)

The Scrappy Tree said...

The joys of blogging LOL happens to us all! Absolutely loving Stewie, you are a talented lady! :)
Gayle xx

Sian said...

Very very cute crochet!

humel said...

Such a cute monster! :-) And we all have times when the blogging doesn't quite happen as planned xx