January 07, 2011

365 2010 finale!

I have finally caught up with 365 2010! I was worried that I would still be sharing 2010 pics well into 2011 but its worked well. I have decided to keep up with my picture a day but I am going to slightly change the way in which I blog the pictures. As 365 is blogged every Friday I have decided to try and post Friday to Thursdays pictures on the Friday after - that way I can (hopefully) keep up with it a bit better. I am sharing a lot today so that I can start a fresh from next week so here goes:

21st - We built and wrapped Adam's bike ready for Christmas
22nd - I indulged in a cup of Malteasers hot chocolate and some fudge (not the whole lot you see in the picture)
23rd - I iced my Christmas cake
24th - We had eggnog and mince pies!
25th - My Christmas dinner
26th - The last lonely mince pie!
27th - I caught up with JYC (sadly behind again now!)
28th - I read the first chapter of my new book
29th - A family Christmas get-together
30th - Sale shopping!

....and now for the new look for 2011:

Friday 31st - A quiet new years eve
Saturday 1st - A new blog header!
Sunday 2nd - More train play!
Monday 3rd - The first crop of 2011!
Tuesday 4th - I took the Christmas decs down.
Wednesday 5th - Adam having a funny 5 minutes with Steve's swimming goggles!
Thursday 6th - Emily fell asleep with one leg in the air!

I have been very good today and I've made 18 Thank you cards and written in them all!!! I will share those later! Next thing on the to-do list is the 2011 calendar BEFORE January is over!

Night all.


Olivia said...

Glad to hear you've caught up - I'm frantically trying to finish all my projects before I go back to uni.

scrappyjacky said...

It's a real achievement,Rachel.

Photographing Mom said...

Woo-hoo! Congratulations!

Sian said...

A wonderful achievement!

We've had the trains out again in our house again too - great fun

Katie said...

Congrats on completing 365 for 2010! And good luck for 2011 :-)

humel said...

Good for you! I'm glad you're carrying on into 2011 too :-)

How did you find the Maltesers hot choc? I was a bit disappointed in it.